Thursday, December 3, 2009

That Stubborn Scale

I hate that chunk of metal.

It popped up a few pounds after Thanksgiving.

OK -- that was expected, given what I ate.

But now it won't go down.

Wait, it gets worse...

It keeps climbing up!


I've been trying not to panic, because when I stress it only gets harder.

Hence all my positive superhero imagery these past few days. And my sudden interest in Herculean, epic nighttime jogs through Central Park.

I've been trying to talk myself out of a major freakout.

A few pounds were going to register on the scale, that was inescapable. But I figured they'd be the kind of pounds that would go away quickly too.

But they won't leave!

And now they've invited friends over -- and they ALL want to stay.

If anyone of you is a Quentin Tarantino/Pulp Fiction fan, you'll know that scene toward the end where Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) keeps telling Yolanda to "Be Cool."

Not only am I a superhero, and a nascent jogger/marathoner, I am now also Samuel L. Jackson. That's right. When I get nervous, I channel multiple personalities.

Since I saw the damage Monday afternoon on the gym scale, I just keep telling myself to "Be Cool."

And when I saw the scale go UP another pound instead of down despite two days of clean eating, and then up ANOTHER pound the next day, my inner Samuel said, "Be Cool."

So this is me -- being cool.

No more weigh-ins until Monday, when I go to the official scale under the control of the nutritionist.

It'll be ok. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will be. Right?


  1. Hello Yankee twin

    Too damn right it'll be okay! You're doing everything right - it will be some quirk of biology and things WILL change. I do hate the evil scales of doom - I bet you don't feel any bigger, do you?

    I didn't get the Thanksgiving dinner in the end - my American friend had a family emergency and had to cancel, sadly.

    Have a good weekend

    Peridot x

  2. It's okay. If you are eating and moving the way you should be, the scale will follow at some point. Weight loss is never linear, even though we want it to be!

  3. I know you'll be fine. You've been on this journy for far too long to get too worked up about this, right? Be a superhero/jogger/Samuel L Jackson/Sybil and you'll emerge from this with a stronger ability to succeed.

  4. Short answer? Yes, it will be.

    Swoosh that cape and channel your inner Samuel all you need to. I like what Lori said about this not being linear and the scale will catch up. That's a good thing to remember!

  5. You need to use the levitation powers of the cape - guaranteed to lighten the load no matter what you eat. :-)

  6. Don't stress. You are right - that just makes it worse. And definitely stop weighing so much. It's going to go down eventually if you get back to doing the right stuff, which you will.