Tuesday, December 1, 2009


But for a totally surprising and unbelievable reason.

I could just tell you straight out, but that's no fun. There have to be photos, of course!

OK, first the update on yesterday. I really was Vigilance-Girl, channeling a little bit of Peridot's Resistance-Girl.

It started with my plan to go to Whole Foods. I was going to walk there and go to the gym later. But when I left the house, it very quickly started raining. Ick.

That could have derailed me right away, but I said "No, turn around, go back to the gym, and work out now, since it's raining."

So I did it. It sucked. I hated that elliptical machine. But I could tell I'd gained some weight over Thanksgiving; I felt heavy and flat.

After the gym, I said "To heck with the rain. It's just a drizzle." And I walked the 1.2 miles over to Whole Foods anyway.

On the way through Central Park I decided to alter my route. Instead of walking up the long, slow incline, I decided to hit the stairs that go up the back of Harlem Hill. There's a really cool old gunnery house up there built before the Revolutionary War. It's awesome.

Here are the steps. And guess what? I didn't walk up them. I ran up them!
They are not steep. But there's about seven of them, and I ran all the way up, even the flat parts in between. At the top were two homeless guys hanging out. They looked like I scared them -- which I probably did!

That was yesterday. So today I walked to work, as usual. But I tried to go really fast, like South Beach Steve does, and not get all dreamy and slow when my mind wanders. I was being Vigilance-Girl again, making sure I was really moving and not just coasting.

Work was ... well, whatever. But I got to the gym for some quick weight lifting.

But I had to stay late at work, and that was annoying. It made it too late for me to get to the gym for a night work out.

I decided to walk home instead. It was GORGEOUS!

The park was lovely, dark and deep.

The moon was incredibly bright tonight -- and so full. I tried to take a picture, but it didn't come out that great. Still, here 'tis.

It was dark and crisp as I walked along. Except for the part where I passed this:
These are the lights near Tavern on the Green, a fabu restaurant on the western edge of the park.

Then, as I passed the beautiful Xmas lights, and I realized it was dark and nobody was really around me, and I was coming up on the start of the bridle path that's dirt and not pavement...well, it just struck me that maybe I could start to jog a little bit.

A jog. I used to do it all the time.

I had on a bulky jacket and a backpack. But I figured, what the heck...I'll give it a shot.

So I started.

And it wasn't that bad. Even though I was going slightly uphill all the time, I could keep jogging.

I kept jogging. I passed the footbridge I had originally pegged as my goal.

Still felt good, so I still kept jogging.

Then I got up the definitive hill before the reservoir. I had to run past some people then. I felt slightly embarrassed, then said "To heck with it -- they aren't even paying any attention." I did speed up a little bit though -- my ego demanded it.

Once I got to the reservoir, I kinda thought, "Well, this is the bottom of the reservoir. I could keep going 'til I reach the top of it." That wasn't too hard. And from there, it was only another 1/2 mile or so to the end of the bridle path, and near the edge of the park where I rejoin the paved road.

I still can't actually believe it, but I jogged the whole way. THE WHOLE WAY!

I'm not really sure, but I think it was around two miles -- maybe a little less.

My knees are going to be barking tomorrow, I'm sure. But wow! I can't believe I did it.

By the way, I did use my Vigilance-Girl cape at work today. When I walked by the snack table someone had put out Reese's peanut butter cups. Oh lordy...those are bad.

But I grabbed my imaginary cape and swirled it around my head, and just kept going on.

Silly, but effective!


  1. No way! You jogged a whole 2 miles?? That is fantastic! I am impresssed by how much you are achieving now, those lbs will be dropping off!

    I want a Vigilance Cape!

  2. Wow, that is SO GREAT! I'm really impressed. Jogging, too? Yikes, that's awesome.

    Put me down for a vigilance cape, too! :)

  3. You go revigilance girl!

    You could mass market those capes ya know...heh.

    Seriously, great job - I am so impressed! What a way to come back from Thanksgiving!

  4. This is the first I heard about these Vigilance-Girl capes. If you ever do a giveaway and I win I will pay for shipping it to Canada. I get so bummed when I can't enter a giveaway because it is US only. MizFit had one today that was both! I cried.

    I don't have a cape, but I do have a shield to deflect negativity. It works great too, maybe I can make my own cape using my super girl powers.

    Jogging? 2 miles? WOW! I am super impressed. You had me at the stairs (I would have tripped and needed arthroscopic surgery), but jogging. You go girl!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! It was a great week...and there are still two birthday lunches to come. Epic fail on my "Hot" 100 goal of taking the focus off food on my birthday.

    The spa was divine, it is the Sterling Inn and Spa in Niagara Falls. The dining room is called AG and I asked why. All of that high school was apparently wasted on me. AG is the chemical symbol for silver. Duh! The food was fabulous and as soon as I upload and edit my pics I will be posting them on my blog.

    Hope you are enjoying the week!

  5. Wow, go Vigilence Girl! You put me to shame with the amount of exercise you shoe-horn into a day. Seriously impressed.

    Peridot x

  6. The run up the steps looks great! I love that the cape came in handy too! :-)