Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Frozen NYC

It is COLD out there today!

Drat, there goes my morning walk to work. Last year it was mild to cold all winter but still easily walkable with a good jacket and bundle.

This temp is a killer -- no messing around with 20 degrees and wind chills below zero.

So, challenge for the day: get in a workout BEFORE I leave work for the day (company gym), because there's a party tonight for a coworker.

I do not want to drink or eat at the party. Really, I don't.

The plan is to start with water, and stick to it. And I'll have a fage yogurt before I go. I'd like to leave by 8:30 or 9, and be home to have a late dinner with the B/F.

Things have gotten really out of hand weight-wise and eating wise. I gained a few pounds over Thanksgiving, and now will have gained several more. I ate a lot over Christmas -- way, way, way more than I needed. And got little exercise beyond a quick morning walk.

If I were to get on the scale right now, it would be very damaging. So I'm backing off and concentrating on regaining my good behaviors. Starting with this party tonight.

We have a trip in the offing -- late January -- and I want to be back at my pre-Thanskgiving weight before we go.

Thanks to Kimberly and Peridot for the humorous and understanding responses to my perfume breakdown. See? I'm not crazy!

Seriously though, one of the elements of weight loss/behavior change for me involves not eating my feelings. And that means letting the crazy out sometimes!

The B/F and I have mended fences. Last night we resumed our interrupted present exchange, once he brought home the right perfume. I explained again how hurt I was that he hadn't bothered to get the right gift.

After he opened the incredibly thoughtful and loving gifts I bought him (if I do say so myself), he felt like a real heel. As well he should. So that's all right then.


  1. I hope you are enjoying your water! I like mineral water with a slice of lemon or lime. No one knows if you are drinking or not. Very tricky!

  2. Feels like a heel? Well I should hope he does. And I hope he's trying to make it up to you.

    Does he not have a female friend or sister that can help him? I must say that I buy the presents for bf's female relations or I shudder to think what he'd get them. As it is, he's bought the card for his father's 80th birthday unsupervised. It has the word 'Dad' on in shiny blue letters. And a boat. I despair....

    And I have NO IDEA what a fage yoghurt is other than it sounds rude. My US friend says that Brits think EVRYTHING sounds rude. I blame the private school system here.

    Peridot x