Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Swamped in Christmas Cheer

That's me. SICC. Swamped in Christmas Cheer.

It's a good thing to feel rushed and busy and overwhelmed before the holidays -- it means you're gonna have fun, right?

Right now I'm trying desperately to finish a big freelance project before my nephew gets here. And I managed to pick up a few extra book reviews to do for an overworked editor -- great for the bank account, bad for my stress levels.

Around all this, I'm shoehorning in my regular job, and this endless stream of Xmas parties --- oh, and, you know, that little thing called working out.

Oh yeah, also arranging things for my nephew to see/do when he comes here Sunday for a few days. We're already signed up for three shows, including a Rockefeller Center Rockettes thing that he will probably get a kick out of (ha ha -- lame puns calm me down, sorry).

And squeezing in a dinner/night out with the BF, who for the first time in about six years, won't be with me on Christmas. This will be his mom's first Xmas since his dad died this summer, and we feel she can't be left alone. But she's too frail to travel ... so, he stays, I go south to my peoples. I will miss him.

Folks, I'm feeling kind of breathless and sick to my stomach (SICC to my stomach).

Today I have to do a whole ton of things, including a mani-pedi, then go to a party tonight, not eat anything there and come home and have dinner, then finish a book review that's due tomorrow.

Wednesday I have two parties to go to, and then hopefully finish off another book review (but I still have to find some time to read that book). And then possibly do one more, if the editor wants it.

And I just remembered that Wednesday is my mother's birthday. Must call her.

I'm sorry this has nothing to do with weight loss per se....I'm just so overwhelmed that I'm brain dumping everything out.

Good news is: gym on Sunday, gym on Monday. I had a great party Sat night but had to yank myself back on track. Sunday was an alright day for eating, no big screw ups. Monday was ok. I really avoided temptation.

I actually decided not to go to Whole Foods for weekly shopping because I knew I'd end up face first in the vegan dessert section. Bad, bad, bad. We had lots of veggies we hadn't eaten the week before, and tempeh, so I just went to our quickie local grocery store for my cottage cheese (I eat it for breakfast weekdays).

Even there, I had to avert my eyes and scurry around quickly to keep from picking up a little baked good. I did it though.

Came home with my planned snack of a small cottage cheese and a small fage yogurt for later.

Hey -- a Christmas miracle, of sorts!

Listen, I'm hoping you all are having great holiday build up weeks. I've been keeping up on the blogs, if not commenting. Everyone's doing fantastic, and I am inspired, as always.


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  1. You are such an amazing writer (good thing that's your day job, too!). You really captured the craziness of the season. I'm really glad that you've been able to navigate the rapids. Inspiring!