Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How'm I doin?

Got through the party last night in decent form. Didn't quite make my resolution not to drink, but sipped water for most of the night until it was time for one glass of wine with my dear former colleague, and then I left.

No food, thank goodness. I fortified with a half a turkey/hummus sandwich and a bag of soy chips before I went. Therefore, the bar pizza could not get the best of me. Phew!

Home for a healthy dinner.

But...didn't get the workout in that I wanted. That's got me down, but I'll have to redouble my effort to get to the gym today and make it a serious workout.

Very odd, but I am filled with the desire to go jogging. All the time. More on this later -- I'm pretty sure it's a manifestation of a subconscious longing to regain my lost fitness.

We'll discuss.

For now, everyone have a great day!


  1. Sounds like you did well at the party--one glass of wine seems totally okay to me!

  2. You did great at the party! Congratulations.

    Hope you got your workout in today.