Thursday, December 17, 2009

Party Update

I'm groaning away under the weight of seasonal sensory overload.

OK, quick summary of things:

1) Weigh in today. Ack! No idea what to expect. Hope to have shed at least 2 of the 4 lbs I gained post-Thanksgiving. Not so sure that's gonna happen.

2) Finished one of my projects. One down, two to go. Days til nephew arrives and demands full attention: 3

3) Remembered to call mom for b-day. Phew!

4) Parties yesterday: I got through the first one by clutching a glass of water, and making sure I ate a hearty lunch beforehand (turkey sando, fage yogurt, soy chips). I had one small glass of wine just before leaving. Avoided the food.

5) Second party of the night: not so successful. A couple glasses of wine, and everything going on way later than I expected/wanted. But too much fun to leave. So that was cool. Around 10pm everyone ordered pizza and wings. Good news is the pizza was very thin crust, very light on the cheese, really a delicate kind of pizza. With so many hands grabbing, there was no chance to overeat. I got two small pieces, and one bbq wing.

But, with three parties in two days, and wine consumption along with breaks in routine and very little time to workout, one must be realistic.

Maybe if I hold my breath and squeeze my eyes shut really hard the scale with think I'm lighter?


  1. Be sure to remove all jewelry, glasses etc. Cut your finger and toe nails, remove all polish. Shave all your parts. Get on scale.

    I am going to a party on Saturday night. It is a 7:30 so there won't be dinner, but there will likely be snacks. Since I am South Beaching it I will have to be CAREFUL.

    I don't drink so no worries there and I will bring my own Perrier. That evening I plan to have my regular dinner, but no dessert. My dessert will be shrimp, veggies and dip, olives, cheese or whatever else I consider South Beach safe. If there is nothing I consider safe, I will just keep chugging the Perrier.

    Good luck at your weigh in!

  2. I think your weigh-n should be good! I know mine won't :(

    And I'm glad you remembered you mom's b-day!