Wednesday, February 24, 2010

That sodding SOD

Clean eating yesterday, but maybe it was too much? Lots of kidney beans, mainly. And some pumpkin seeds for afternoon snack.

The SOD says I'm up a pound from yesterday.

Working on desensitizing myself to it, however. Oh..yes, I had a brief moment of WTF? Then I reminded myself that bodies are funny things, they hold weight sometimes right before they drop it, I never expected daily losses -- the goal is to find out what my weekly average is, etc etc etc.

The morning ritual is just to get the data, plug it in to, and go about my day.

To whit, it's raining again today. No walk to work. Snow/sleet tomorrow. Sigh. I miss my morning walk. It really helps me collect myself for the day. I have been to the gym every night so far this week (ok, that's only two nights) but it's not quite the same.

Will be in the park this afternoon I hope for an assignment (if it doesn't get rained out). Will take opportunity to do some extra walking it at all possible.

More winter in NYC:

Have a great day!


  1. Great pics! I hear we are in for a winter wonderland of our own very soon.

  2. Yeah, I bet the whole SOD-shock will wear off eventually. At least, I hope so! I'm just a little too addicted to it right now.