Friday, February 26, 2010

End of Week

Where to begin?

It's been a very hectic week. In the larger sphere, the sad run of lost loved ones continued with Beej and Fitness Road Trip -- sympathy to both.

Peridot got a promotion. Yay! Much deserved, I'm sure.

Me..well, started the week strong, ending it in a not bad place. The weather has been craptastic --- and some poor guy was killed yesterday in the park by a falling branch weighted with snow. Awful. And now we're all told to stay out of the park until the snow lessens. That does not make my life any easier.

Drinks out last night. Had wine, but did not eat. Miracle, really, when you consider that it was a) snowing and cold b) late and I hadn't had food for hours and c) the platter of french fries and buffalo wings -- seriously -- got shoved right under my nose at the bar.

Other things I'm grateful for: got a small shock this Tuesday when I stopped for my morning coffee with skim milk (yeck, but I choke it down) and the barista put a free, bite-sized muffin on top of the coffee. Some kind of a promotion, obviously. I just froze and looked at it.

Then I picked it up and handed it back to her. And did the same every other morning this week. Phew!

Got scared though that I was going to have a problem with the SOD. No gym Wed or yesterday (although there was walking Wed). And wine, and a late dinner.

But, the SOD right now continues to pretend to be my friend. Obviously it's laying a dastardly trap for me. But this morning, it was down another pound.

That looks like five from where I started, but calculates my avg so far at a 1.3 lb loss this week.

If nothing else, it is very eye-opening to see just how much the scale fluctuates. It's amazing! Get on one day and you're up four, the next day you're down the same. Pick the wrong time to get your weekly weigh-in and you could end up with the wrong message entirely.

But I don't trust the SOD -- it's just waiting to put a fleshy bite in my ass, I'm sure.


  1. Go with the physicsdiet weight not the scale weight. It's much more emotionally handleable if you know what I mean.

  2. Can't wait to hear how physicsdiet works for you. (I know Andrew's a fan!) And the snow, my god the snow! I need the park. Tried to run the Reservoir between storms and it was a slush pile. Took 2 steps and bf said, quote, screw this. So slogging away on the treadmill until conditions improve. Kudos on avoiding the fried platter of goodness, er, crap.

  3. That is terrible about the branch falling on someone.

    Great job on giving back the mini muffins. Never trust free food.

  4. Great control both at the bar adn the coffee shop! You're doing so well ,Ish!

  5. Look at you, will power!! Skipping bar food?! I usually walk in there saying I won't eat anything and then after a few rounds, there I am, horkin' down the fries, chips, whatever...

    And the coffee shop?! It's hard to pass up free stuff even if it's unhealthy!