Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Plugging Along

I'm gradually getting a hold of myself again, thank goodness.

Have really been swirling my vigilance cape around -- and I'm not kidding, either.

Last night in Whole Foods I had to close my eyes and chant "vigilance cape, vigilance cape" to avoid picking up a small packet of linzer tort cookies, oh so helpfully strewn about in a cute Valentine's display right by the checkout line.

What's scary is that I used to bypass these things with nary a second glance. Now it's a fight again, thanks to that week of moderate permissiveness that I fell into. How quickly those new habits can weaken!

However, to focus on the positive, I DID bypass those cookies, and the cheese I constantly crave, and all sorts of goodies because I knew I was making a nice dinner for a friend last night.

Managed to keep to minimal wine (helped by the fact I have a slight cold) and made a low-calorie cod fillet with yam, black beans and quinoa for dinner.

At one point in Whole Foods I was looking at a nice garlic herb marinade sauce for my fish. It had all sorts of labels on it, 'natural' and 'lite' and so on. I thought I could grab that and it would save time making a sauce for the fish at home.

Then I remembered the post South Beach Steve made the other night, about misleading labels on food products (natural and lite being two of the most frequent abusers).

I flipped the marinade bottle over to read the ingredients, and the first two were soybean oil and brown sugar!

I decided it would be stupid (and expensive) to buy a sugary, oily marinade when I could go home and mix together a dollop of our lovely dijon mustard with lemon juice, parsley, various seasonings and a smidge of low-fat milk for texture.

It was a great creamy sauce, and after dipping the fish in it, I lightly rolled them in a dusting of panko bread crumbs, sprinkled on more parsley and baked them up!

Dessert was hard. My friend brought an apple tart, so the vegan vanilla tea cake I had bought for dessert is still here in the house. It must depart the premises immediately (and not via my stomach, I hope).

I think I'm going to have to give it to the B/F to take to work. Let's see if I have the willpower to actually follow through on this. It's hard for me to let go of food that I have paid for (I'm a freak, I know) -- but I don't want to eat it.


  1. Yeah, that's more like it! Vigilance cape to the rescue! No cheese, no cookies, minimal wine...good stuff.

    And great job reading all the labels--what an eye opener!

  2. Well done on resisting. It is scary how quickly our good habits can be brought low though!

  3. As a fellow NY'er, have you tried FreshDirect to order groceries? It often helps me when I'm feeling especially vulnerable and/or lazy to order my food online and not have to smell baked goods or see Ben & Jerry's. They also save your orders so you could just re-order an entire order from your history.

  4. I am glad to see you remembered the post the other day - those labels are crazy deceiving!

  5. Way to go on swishing the Cape of Vigilance around and for reading the labels.

    Did the cake make it out?

  6. Thanks for the comment and for the cake update. I often wonder about things like this waaaay too much. Just a touch obsessive.

  7. Sounds like a great meal - and well done for resisting those cookies.

    Peridot x