Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Again with the Push Ups

Wow -- is it possible to be addicted to push ups?

Now I know why guys are always dropping to give themselves 20.

I'm only on day two of my push-up plan, but I'm hoping my enthusiasm doesn't wane. It's fairly easy as I move around in the morning to just bang out a few, and it makes me feel strong and focused for the day. And it does get my heart rate up there, along with a plank or two.

Here's the latest on my form: I actually found a way to do a bench incline push up in my house. I think that's the best way for now. If I do a full push-up, legs extended all the way out, I feel a heavy strain on my lower back (discovered that yesterday).

That, I think, it not good for the long haul. I can't do them on bended knees because of my torn meniscus. But wall push ups are too easy -- I actually can do quite a lot of those!

I found a way to use a big sturdy bench that we have as an incline, so I can keep my legs and back straight, and I'm just ever so slightly angled as I do them. It's nice and challenging, but not as hard on my lower back.

I'm at two sets of five, with a 60 second break in between. Whoo hoo!

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Regular breakkie, hit the gym for an hour's cardio, then walked about 1 mile to WF. While there I managed to pick up three goodies that I did not need to eat.

Two vegan cookies and a small onion quiche. I hadn't had lunch yet, so that was going to be my afternoon meal. Then I decided to walk back home, because I'd bought enough groceries to qualify for free delivery. The quiche went with the groceries, the vegan cookies in my pocket.

I figured if I'm eating two cookies, vegan or not, better walk some more. So I ate them as I meandered back across town. By the time the quiche arrived, it was too close to dinner to eat it -- although of course I wanted to eat it. In case you're wondering, it has 365 calories. Fine for a meal, but I didn't need to eat it AND cookies.

I decided I would take it for lunch today and put it in fridge. Several times last night it crossed my mind that I could eat it. But then I'd say no, no, just leave it alone. It's still there, thank goodness.

Dinner last night on experimental Mondays (which were meant to be more vegan but I've somehow gotten hooked on trying to learn how to cook really delectable fish):

Turbot fillets
black-eyed peas
roasted brussel sprouts

The turbot turned out ok -- not great, it's a rather fishy fish, if you know what I mean.

Overall, I give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars. By the way, Kimberley made a slamming chicken curry dish. I'll be trying that out very soon.


  1. Good for you on the pushups! Give yourself time at the incline, and you'll be military style before you know it.

    Pushups do make you feel powerful, don't they?

  2. Wow, you're inspired right now! Awesome! I'm liking the pushups...not loving, but liking. :)

    Great will power with the quiche! I'm sure it was tasty today!

  3. Push ups are probably never in my future...boo to tennis elbow and tendinitis.

    Glad you are enjoying them! Excellent work on resisting the onion quiche!!!

    Hope you like the chicken curry as much as I do. Thanks for the mention.

  4. "Turbo fillets"? How do you catch them to get them in the pan? Tee hee hee

    And it is possible to be addicted to push up bras, but not actual push ups. Word according to Peridot.

    Peridot x