Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quick Update

Our friend Beej is the latest in the blogworld to lose a loved one, like South Beach Steve and Josie. Head on over to his site today to show him some love.

I'm going to keep this pretty to the point today.

Down four again on the SOD this morning. That puts me on track for a possible weekly loss of 1 lb on, if I don't screw it up by Saturday. Er. Yay?

Eating decent yesterday. I kept my evening meal to a very controlled portion, and I'm pleased with that. Maybe that's why I woke up lighter today.

Didn't get in my walk to work yesterday, or a visit to the gym, but did walk around a lot in late afternoon as an attempt to compensate, including a walk home in the cold.

Push ups this morning because I forgot them yesterday. Terrible snow outside this morning. Ick.


  1. Great work on the controlled portion!!! Diane at has a great post today about portions.

    So far more snow seems to be holding off here. Please keep it down there!

  2. So sad about beej, and another blog I read, fitnessroadtrip, she lost her dad too. Unbelievable sadness :-(

    I love how you named it the SOD...that's awesome. Here's hoping you see the loss you want!

  3. Thanks for the support, Ish! Crazy times, huh?