Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day Three

I've gone three days with the SOD (scales of doom) in the house, and haven't chucked it yet.

According to the scale, I lost four pounds overnight on Sunday, but gained two of those back overnight Monday. Fickle SOD.

I won't post up every fluctuation, just for the moment as I adjust to this new experiment. I'm logging my daily weight in physicsdiet.com, per Andrew's suggestion. It's a program that charts your daily fluctuations and then gives you an average weight for the week.

My goal here is to restablish -- reaffirm, too -- a simple rule of Beck: you can't have it both ways.

Got to stay on plan to see regular weight loss, and maybe this way of holding myself accountable will work.

My weekend was ok. Gym every day, Sunday and Monday, a walk as well both days. Eating was good on Sunday, although again with the big dinner. Monday was ok, but not great. Did my push-ups and a plank on schedule too.

I made a big pot of kidney beans with kale and swiss chard last night. I was going to make Kimberley's curry chicken for dinner but forgot a key ingredient at store. Will have to do it another time.

The beans will be a main staple throughout the week for lunches. Hope they turned out well!

Here's a pic of our wintery landscape. Check out the cross-country skier going by on my left.

Gliding along, he is. Metaphor, anyone?


  1. That is a lovely shot! He looks like he is going to cross the road, though LOL.

    Scales do bounce around a lot. That's the nature of the specific moment in time issue with scales.

  2. That bounce is why I love physicsdiet. :)

  3. Love the skier!

    It is so true isn't it? You can't have it both ways.

  4. Evil SOD, we will triumph, we will be masters! Bwah ha ha ha ha

    Peridot x

  5. Ohh...that will take some getting used to, the SOD, hope it doesn't drive you crazy!