Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Who Wants to Buy a Bridge?

I've got one I can sell you -- cheap. Welcome to Brooooooookkkkkllllyynn!

For those of you who have not had the pleasure, a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge is a real treat. I got to visit it yesterday afternoon for a work project. I could have just gone back to the office with the photographer in his car. But instead I decided to zip myself over the bridge and then get on the subway.

An extra mile of walking to add to my 3.5-miler to work Tuesday morning. Yay extra exercise!

Nothing puts me in a good mood like this bridge. You just have to watch out for the psycho bikers (and I say this as a biker) who get angry at the pedestrians who stray into the bike lane. It IS annoying when walkers do that (there are clearly labeled lanes for people and bikes), but most bikers realize the Brooklyn Bridge is not a great place for a sprint. You bike across and soak up the views and air, and weave your way around the people.

Bikers who scream and yell at folks because they can't maintain a blistering pace across a crowded bridge may be a bit tetched in the head, I think.

Here's two more I snapped from my weird cell phone, which always makes pictures in bright lights look like fake postcards.

It takes me about 15 minutes, I'd say, to power walk my way across to Manhattan. These pics were taken from the Brooklyn side, after I climbed onto the walkway from the DUMBO access steps. This required me to bypass several tasty food places that I love, including Grimaldi's.

That's the best pizza. Thin crust, spicy, so good. But pizza is a trigger food for me (holla Beej!). Can not have just one slice. So I trundled on by on my springy legs and concentrated on how good it felt to be moving along at a good pace instead of what was behind Grimaldi's door.

So I got in a lot of extra walking yesterday, which turned out to be a good thing. I ate on plan all day, and had a very light lunch -- more by accident than design. Just didn't have a ton of leftovers to bring and didn't have any extra veggies at home to bulk it up.

At Whole Foods later, buying stuff for Thursday night, I got a small assortment of fruit tarts for one of my guests, who loves them. Yeah...those did not make it through the night. I sampled one, and then another, and then all of them were gone.

So...I did not eat 100 percent on plan. I had three unplanned fruit tarts. Luckily, they were very small. Lesson learned -- don't buy any treats in advance for friends. Buy them RIGHT BEFORE they will be served.

Strangely, the mini-apple pie I bought (5 inches) for the boyfriend and guests Thursday night is sitting in the kitchen, untouched, and very easy to resist. I like apple pie. But I can stay away from it. Don't know what in those fruit tarts triggered me.

Maybe their cuteness? They were so sweet and mini. And the fruit was fresh and delicious. Raw blueberries and strawberries.

Dinner out tonight. Already picked out what I'm going to eat from the menu.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. It's alwasy good to walk instead of drive-when you can! Great job on picking out your meal before going to dinner tonight--that will always be a good call. I'd say, though, at least you had the microtarts instead of the minipie. Coulda been worse, right?


  2. If I ever get to NY, I will have to walk this bridge. Good work doing that instead of riding back to the office.

  3. Mini and cute - that's a trigger for sure. And the smallness makes you feel that it's practically minus calories. Or maybe that's just me....

    Peridot x

  4. I am so jealous ;-) I would so love to walk that bridge. I've been to New York once, and the trip was so rushed that I literally didn't get to do any sightseeing other than right outside my hotel. It's the one place I'm dying to go to and can't wait to!

    Sounds like you enjoyed your holiday. I still think it rocks that you volunteered to work so others could enjoy the day with family. That's a selflessness to be admired!

  5. I have heard about Grimaldi's from another blogger and pics were included. Congratulations on walking right on by.

    Nice pics of the bridge. I was just looking at some of my pics today from when I was in NY. Must return one day.

    I can see being tempted by the cuteness of the mini fruit tart. At least you know what to do in the future!