Sunday, November 22, 2009

This Week

These are the times that try dieters' souls.

I'm talking about the holidays, of course.

It always pays to have a plan, so here it goes:

This week I will:

1) Walk to work every day, except possibly Friday. I will walk to work on Thursday, which is Thanksgiving Day.

(I volunteered to work the Thanksgiving day shift because a) I have no immediate family here to do the whole big feast thing with and b) I always take off Christmas week to be with my family. So I'm happy on Thanksgiving to give someone else a chance to enjoy a family holiday. Plus, it keeps me from hanging around at home stuffing my face. )

2) I will not eat any of the holiday treats that will be in the office that day. I will bring my own lunch. We will be having a small dinner with friends after I finish work -- a dinner that I will have prepared in advance, and consisting of lots of veggies and other light fare.

3) I will get in a gym workout on the elliptical at least three times this week.

4) I will keep up with my Hot 100 challenge and lift weights in the corporate gym on Tuesday. It will be closed on Thursday, but open Friday.

5) I will eat slowly and mindfully all week.

6) I will eat on plan all week.

7) I will do two Tabata sessions (eeeeeekkk).

These are my goals. So let it be written. So let it be done.

Gorgeous day in NYC today. Hope it's lovely where you are too!


  1. Great goals! I love how you channeled your inner Yul Brynner. Dang he was hot in The Ten Commandments.

    We already had Thanksgiving up here in the Great White North (I live less than an hour away from the NY border). My personal challenge for next while is my birthday. I have a couple of lunches to go to, a FOOD DAY at work to celebrate, not to mention going away to an inn and spa. Save me!

    It is also a beautiful day here...balcony door and windows wide open.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Great goals! Having a plan is great. I think as long as you are at least 80% on plan during the holidays, you are doing pretty well.

  3. What a great plan. I need to get my plan solidified in my head before I hit the challenges of the week.

  4. This is the second blog I've read today with thankgiving plans listed! Go proactive dieters! Your plan sounds great and I think it rocks that you volunteered to work so others could enjoy the day! I've got my menu planned and know exactly what I'll be eating and how much. I'm also walking a 5k that morning so I've got my fitness covered for the day as well. Thanks for sharing your plan!

  5. Those are great goals! I think I'll post my eating plan for Thanksgiving tonight--was an awesome idea.

    Get to the gymn today, little miss Ish!!