Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Give Up

On trying to understand weight loss.

So I get back from my peanut-eating, french-fry consuming, wine drinking trip to El Caribe, and learn I've lost 4.4 lbs.

Friends, I'll take it. But I Do. Not. Understand. I just don't.

What's even more confusing is that I came home and binged on Monday. A bad one. After I got weighed in.

I don't quite know what happened ... was it the release of learning that I hadn't gained weight over the weekend? A way to compensate for studiously avoiding the pastry table at the resort all weekend? I really wanted to eat some.

In anycase, I blatantly binged on Monday, as I went shopping for the week after my visit to the nutritionist. Along with my sensible veggies and tempeh, I got a pack of bite-size pecan pie treats, a small carrot cake and .... there was something else, another pastry type goodie. Can't even remember. But it was consumed.

The result was a terrible stomach ache Monday night and a horrible bloated sick feeling. I couldn't eat another bite all day.

Today was better. I ate normally but lightly. Fighting off a slight cold, and so I just took a break. No gym, no TV, no news, no work. I read. All day long. It was heaven. I just wanted a break, I think.

Back to the regular routine tomorrow.

And it was nice to realize I was missed! Thanks for reading, guys!


  1. Pffff, I don't understand either. It's the randomness that bothers me - if I could lose whilst eating stuff I'd be very pleased, it's when you sweat it and STILL get no-where it's the choker. But all in all, it's baffling - and that's frustrating. Still, well done on the weight loss! Long may it continue! Sorry about the binge though - hope you feel better both physically and mentally now.


  2. I KNOW! Science is meant to be clear cut isn't it?

    I think sometimes the metabolism benefits from getting mixed signals.

    Sounds like a great diet plan to me, lol!

  3. Man, you freaked me out, Ish! I thought, when reading your title, that you had given up on your journey. That you had come back from your trip, had your weigh-in, and seen a large gain. I'm so glad you were just setting me up for some good irony.

    I'm glad that you got through last wee with a loss, but hope you make better choices than Monday! I guess your stomach told you what was up, huh? Funny how it changes over time.

    And you day of rest sounds well deserved!

  4. I keep saying that if I figure weight loss out, I'll make a million dollars on it. It doesn't always make sense.