Friday, November 20, 2009


Folks, tonight I feel blessed. As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, I am a grateful woman.

Strangely, I think this sense of well-being comes from returning to work.

I went back in today after ...well, a somewhat lackluster effort from myself on both the dieting and freelance projects this week. I did get a lot accomplished, but I also moped around a bit and was, frankly, a bit whiny.

On the way to work today it struck me just how lucky I am to have a job to go to. A job that is far, far from perfect, but surrounds me with wonderful, positive colleagues.

I am grateful for the structure it affords me -- financially and in other ways. It gives me a living, and to a degree, a purpose for every day. And I need purpose in my life. I flounder all too easily when left to my own devices.

I'm grateful for the rude, robust good health that rarely fails me. I have my problems (frequent colds, begone!), but lack of mobility is no longer one of them. I think this is maybe how the first astronaut on the moon felt when he hit the dirt and bounced back up. I may not be at zero gravity, but 70 pounds later, I feel a huge difference.

I am grateful for the means and methods of communication that allow me to express myself here and in other forums. I am tremendously appreciative -- more than I can say -- of all of you who come to check up on me, urge me on, and commiserate when I'm down.

New battles loom, other doldrums will come. I know this.

But for today, I can say I ate on plan -- fantastically on plan. And it felt so great.


  1. What a lovely post from you, Ish, so great! I think that most people do have a lot to be thankful for--if only they really think about how blessed they are. Great reminder.

    Glad you're felling a little better, and back to "normal" work!

  2. I agree with Beej, this is a great post. We all, every single one of us, need to stop and think of the things we are grateful for.

  3. Sing it sister!!! I hear you. I am very thankful for my job, nice place to live, clothes to wear, people who love me (although I can never quite figure out why people like/love me), great food to eat etc. The list is endless.

    Way to go on being on plan!!!