Monday, November 16, 2009

Three Posts in 24 Hours

That may be a sign I'm getting a little compulsive.

But in reality I'm just a bit bored. Better to blog than to eat, n'est-ce pas? Am home sick, as I mentioned earlier.

I canceled my weigh-in this morning so I could stay home and rest. But a photographer friend who was at an early morning shoot down the street ended up dragging me out for coffee.

We went here, to a small little patisserie on my corner (that skinny person in the pic is not me, unfortunately). I studiously avoided looking at the tarts and croissants and pain au chocolat.

I took advantage of our surprise get together to give him the gifts I brought back from Jamaica. Coffee and rum. Yum.
Then I was feeling well enough to go for a walk. Gorgeous day today. Warm, sunny, crisp. I walked around for hours and ended up seriously exhausted by the time the sun set (about 4pm here!). Definitely overdid it, but fresh air was so wonderful.

Behold the pics, taken of Central Park as I headed south down Central Park West. I'm on the outside of the park looking in. I tried to capture the soft afternoon light in trees, but didn't succeed in mimicking its true glory, more's the pity.

After my walk I stopped at Whole Foods to shop for the week's goodies. I was so wiped out by then I felt like I could have curled up among the squashes and napped. But they frown on that, I suspect. So I soldiered on through the crowds.

There was one moment when I actually stared deeply into the abyss of a pecan pie. I love me some pecan pie. But it was huge. And as I looked at it, what was uppermost in my mind was that fact that I would definitely get sick if I bought it -- even if I only ate half, or a third. It just looked too treacly and sweet.

So (yay!) I walked on with nary a look back. I love it when this whole eating thing is easy, breezy, beautiful to do. Hope it stays easy for a while!


  1. Great pics! Love the trees.

    Ishmael 1 Pecan Pie 0

    You won!!!

  2. That's all very impressive - on the resistance front (pecan pie, pain au chocolate etc). Commiserations on the sickliness front though. And I am burning to know - what was the book that was so good that you made yourself ill over it?

    Peridot x

  3. Yeah, seriously, 3 posts?? :0 Great job resisting all that temptation (especiall when sick--it's so much easier to use taht as an excuse...)

    Get well.

  4. Those pictures are lovely!

    I loves me some pecan pie, too. Total sugar rush!