Monday, November 16, 2009

Sick. Again.

This nasty little throat/lung thing I've had off and on this year is back -- spurred no doubt by a very late night Saturday (I was reading a book and could not make myself stop and go to bed).

I've canceled my weigh-in at the nutritionist today because my lungs hurt and I'm coughing and feeling, overall, like crap.

But I will likely meander down to the gym later and hop on the scale. Just to see what my week of light workouts/light eating has wrought. Or unraveled.

A clarification: when I got back from Jamaica I lost 4.4 lbs. Yay! But I haven't updated my total weight loss number. In fact, I've lowered it. Why, you ask?

Because it turns out there's a bit of a discrepancy in my numbers. If you take my starting weight and subtract my current weight, you have a -70 lb difference. If you add in the weeks that I had gained some weight, and then lost those pounds too, you'd have 76 lbs. I'm not quite sure why my nutritionist tracks it both ways or how I first started confusing the two, but in any case, I'm sticking with the first method as my official count.

So, I'm at 70 lbs. Hopefully to go a little higher soon!

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  1. 70 pounds is great, though! Sorry you're ill--being sick blows! Get some rest and get well.