Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Advice Never Ends...

I should be working today and not fiddling on the Internets but this NYTimes article was too good not to share (and it's short).

One of my favorite pieces of diet advice came from a friend who periodically ate only lemons and sometimes would go home at night and inhale an entire bag (a big one) of unshelled peanuts. She ate the shells. That's a lot of fiber.

She would lecture me endlessly about losing weight, but saw nothing disordered in her own eating habits.

What's the funniest/weirdest bit of eating advice you ever got?


  1. anything with "starvation" in it. There is no way that somebody with a BMI over 35 is going to starve.

  2. I had someone tell me I would never lose weight eating bagels - and that was *after* I lost 100 pounds LOL

  3. Someone once told me that you could lose weight if you ate nothing but grapefruit, bran muffins, hot dogs (no buns) and bananas for 3 days. Huh????

  4. Anyone that ever says you can lose weight and NOT exercise or move more!

  5. hi, you asked about my sweet and sour chicken, I couldn't find your email address. You can totally just make the chicken plain and then the sauce. That is actually how I would make it. The original recipe wanted me to batter it and fry it but I didn't want to use that much grease so it didn't really form as a batter. I think that the sauce technically STICKS better with deep fried chicken but who cares, it still tastes great! Thanks!