Monday, December 20, 2010

Big Wheels Keep on Turning...

Ahh..If only I had Tina Turner's legs. I'd be one Proud Mary indeed! But my big wheels DO keep on turnin'..and proud Ish keeps on burnin'. Oh yes. We're rollin' .. rollin'... rollin on the (Hudson) river.

Things are gradually lightening up here at Chez Ish, evidenced by the fact that the b/f , while still mourning his recent loss, joined in for a rousing rendition of "Proud Mary" as I tried to remember the lyrics to the song for this post.

I felt like I was rolling along today, as I ate my normal breakfast, rushed out of the house to go to the doctor (not the foot doc, just a check up) then to get a facial. OK, totally self-indulgent, but I needed an hour of pampering.

Then I had an hour to kill until my hair appointment (and that is not as self-indulgent as it sounds b/c my last hair cut was in August), so I walked the 30+ blocks to the hair dresser.

That's only about 1.5 miles, but given Mr. Neuroma, that's the longest I've walked for WEEKS!

It was pretty much pain free, thanks to the temporary inserts my doctor gave me. I can walk almost like normal now, but it's only a partial fix until I get real orthotics. Then I'll be back on my stride.

But the Proud Mary moment....yeah, that came when I walked to a pizza joint known to me through work, had a single slice of veggie pizza, and walked on even though I was still hungry. I knew that if I just gave myself enough time, I'd feel full.

It took a good 20 minutes, but happened. Then there was a shopping trip in which NO VEGAN CAKES were purchased, and many a sabotaging thought was shot down before it could blossom into real destruction.

Christmas cometh.... with a nephew demanding that I make all my grandmother's cookie recipes, the ones she brought from England (seriously, she used to make like 10 different types of cookies) and the b/f demanding another apple pie.

BUT! I've wrested control of the majority of the cooking for Xmas dinner from my lard-loving brother, and the b/f and I will be in charge of making just about all of our feast. My arteries rejoice at the news.

As I get ready to fly to my parents for Xmas, I am trying hard to maintain my focus on moderation. It is the key to my success. If I can be moderate in all things, I can be happy.

Thanks again to everyone who gave us good wishes. Yes, Roz, you are right. I've already gotten a glimpse at how touchy Mr. Neuroma is -- he does not like downward dog, for example! I'll have to devise a neuroma-friendly series of stretches for the New Year.


  1. Rolling on the (PCB-filled) river...

    Glad your collective moods are improving. Loss, even when expected, is hard.

    I love cooking for the holidays. John and I are hosting the big shebang this year.

  2. Is it a morton's neuroma? I had one removed years ago, and my foot never did recover. I understand! You sound like you're doing great. Good job! Vee at

  3. Hey you! We call em biscuits over here thanks very much - and kindly return our biscuits forthwith. C/o, er, me. Ahem.


  4. Glad life is settling down a bit for you and your BF!!! I'm thinking we should put our heads togehter (or our feet) and come up with some exercises that work well for us both while Mr. Neuroma and Mr. Neuroma 2 prepare to leave. Have a great day!!!!

  5. I'm glad you're progressing, and I pray that you both/all will have patience for yourselves and each other are you go through the dreiving process.

    Lots to be prous of. Especially the pizza and the trip to Whole Foods. Nice work.

    Thought you'd think it's cute that while I was typing this, Anna said, "How's Call me Ishmael?" Funny, huh?

  6. Sounds like you are moving forward, great job of walking the 30 blocks... every bit helps!

  7. I agree, moderation is the key. Taste and enjoy in moderation a few things that you really enjoy. Taste and enjoy. Merry Christmas!