Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Resemble That Remark.....

So I'm out yesterday in horrifically crowded midtown Manhattan, running to pick up our lunch from the deli near work (I had a grilled chicken salad with slice of pita), when I notice a family of four coming at me on the street.

Mom, walking stiff-legged and rapidly several paces ahead of clearly irritated husband who is hauling two young kids along with him by the hand, turns to hiss something at him that I can't hear over the traffic.

Dad, whose face is quite red either from exertion (he's really got his hands full with the two young kids) or rage, or because like me he turns colors in the cold weather, completely loses it.

"For God's sake," he bellows at her, "if you want a damn pretzel then just go ahead and have one! What is your problem, you maniac?"


  1. Yikes, not a fun thing to witness! Hopefully she got the pretzel!

  2. Men - they're such simple beasts, aren't they? Like it's EVER as easy as just having the pretzel!


  3. Hehe. For some reason, that really made me smile! Thanks for that. And I hope she enjoyed that pretzel!