Friday, December 3, 2010

Hot 100 Update # 10

Well, well, well. We meet again, December. Temptation and good cheer coat this month like honey on a glazed ham.

Taking heart from Steve's Hot 100 post, I am determined that December will not lure me into sticky-fingered complacency. I will not slide into that mental place that says, 'Oh, it's ok, it's the holiday season.'

It's not ok. It's not. January looms ahead -- and I do not want to greet the New Year weighing more than I did last year. Even if it is *only* a few pounds, it is something I strongly DO.NOT.WANT.TO.SEE.

Let me say again how grateful I am for the Hot 100 challenge. It got me going again before I'd really clicked in to the passage of time and how close we'd gotten to the end of the year. It's such a fantastic concept and I can't thank Steve enough for all the work he puts into it. He makes it fun too, which I really appreciate.

My Goals This Week:

1) Weight loss portions at every meal: It was a struggle to return to my more controlled eating habits after Thanksgiving, but I've been doing pretty well this week. One thing that helped: I made sure to switch back to my "small" plate this week for dinner (after a weekend of using the larger plate that we got out for Thanksgiving). I am pleased that I enforced that rule on myself again after a few days of using the big holiday plates. It really hurts my sense of portion to have a larger canvas, so to speak. Being a Jackson Pollock type eater means I'll fill every inch. Too bad I'm not an Impressionist eater -- all light and shadow and essence of eating!

In anycase, I'm sticking to my portion rules, and my no eating standing up rule and my no eating muffins from the coffee cart rule, and so on.

2) Run a 5k: oh toe, why do you hate me so? I won't bemoan this situation all over again here. Walked to work once this week, and the toe let me know that it was way too soon. Made it to the gym, however, and did the dreaded stationary bike. Hateful, but I brought my kindle and read away the hour. Would vastly prefer a long walk or a short run, but is not meant to be.

I am adjusting and accepting that this isn't going to change overnight. I must be resilient, and deal with it.

3) Lose 25 lbs: I feel that I have had a bad setback with this annoying bloody nerve injury and a week of loose eating during Thanksgiving. Still.... one must soldier on. This is how it goes, right?

My stupid skinny jeans are still not as loose as I want them to be. Now I'm starting to wonder if maybe they were never as loose as I thought they were!

Could I have dreamt it? Or maybe I just wore them so long without washing them that they felt exceptionally loose? Anything seems possible now because the damn things simply will NOT fit the way I *think* they once did!


  1. Great attitude for the upcoming holiday season. Funny how we all use that as an excuse!

    Just don't wash the jeans ever. :-)

  2. I know how you feel. I refuse to even wear my skinnier jeans until they fit like I know they can. I hate the bunching around my knees.

    Don't fret about TG, just use that smaller plate and keep trucking!

    Can you do the rowing machine? It sucks but works me out a bit better than the bike...

    Polar's Mom

  3. Love your first paragraph, so true!

    Jeans are a tricky species. I'm with Debbi, just don't wash them...who cares if they start to stand up on their own? ;)

    Hope you heal quickly!

  4. Hang in there:) BTW - I heard on TV that blue makes us eat less so the recommendation was to try blue plates or placemats or napkins, unless you have a blue room.

  5. This might be a good time to do some mat Pilates work. That will be easy on the toes and help get your core strong.

    I think we all need to keep the sticky fingers in mind (said as I am perusing cookie recipes...)

  6. You are so correct on goal number 3.... we must move on..... the longer I have been at this .. the shorter the time frame I let myself go... meaning, 3 years ago,,,, the holiday season would have been a free for all, now Thanksgiving was letting myself go for one meal.... I expect Christmas will be the same... Hang in there and keep at it.

  7. I was SO skeptical of the Botox, but then I noticed some wrinkles between my eyebrows which made me look angry all the time, and a few horizontally on my upper brow and crowsfeet. I think you only get the frozen look when you get your upper lip/cheek area done-so the upper lip doesn't move-which is weird for talking purposes. My eyes still wrinkle when I smile, but not as tightly as they once did where I looked squinty. My forehead doesn't rise, which is fine with me-not a biggy. So no drooping or frozen looks, and just smooth forehead, which is what I was looking for-then the wrinkles disappeared when those muscles didn't contract anymore. If I were you, like when I first started and was concerned, I would just have my 'eleven' done, between the eyebrows. If you like it then you can move on if you choose. I wish I had started doing it earlier, and I am so not a materialistic or superficial person. HIGHLY recommend.

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting Ishmael!

    You are wise to be thinking ahead about the upcoming holiday season. You sound really determined to keep your weight in check!!!

  9. Ish, first off, you are welcome. I love seeing the progress everyone makes in this challenge.

    Regarding the 5k, you might consider substituting a new goal. While I have no doubt you could do a 5k if the toe would cooperate, you don't want to leave that goal in there if it is only going to frustrate you.

    Keep on keeping on. You are doing awesome Ish!

  10. LOVED your canvas/Jackson Pollock analogy, Ish, that's beautiful!

    Since fitting into my skinny jeans is also a big goal for me, I know where you are coming from. And my experience is that, especially in the beginning, they can be very sensitive to even the smallest fluctuations in weight (and of course, water retention). Just keep going on! The mere fact that you are heading towards LOOSE skinny jeans is FANTASTIC, remember how far you've come!