Friday, December 10, 2010

Hot 100 Update # 11

Tired, long day at work, pardon my brevity tonight (although maybe it's a welcome change from my usual verbosity!).


1) Weight loss portions at every meal: YES, by the gods, I am clinging to my "normal" sized portions. Forced myself to PUT. DOWN. THE. FORK. several times this week and just slow down on the eating. Really helps the brain catch up to the tummy.

2) Former goal: run a 5k. That's not working due to injury. Steve suggested I change to something else (er..he is exceptionally smart or am I realllllly dumb?), which is a great idea. What will it be? No clue, but will let you know as soon as I figure it out.

3) Lose 25lbs: Hmmmmmm..... eating-wise, I have many NSVs. To whit, on assignment Thursday, BITTER, BITTER cold, resist buying a huge pack of cashews in bodega when hunger strikes at noon. Seriously, one bag was 600 cals, and it wasn't even that big. I love nuts, but whoa.... got the single serving of 180 cals to tide me over.

Lunch was four hours later with skinny photographer. He took me to his favorite pizza joint. I got a whole wheat veggie slice. It was probably hugely caloric, since it had two types of cheese (feta and mozzarella) and avocado on it. And it was delicious.

I made do with one piece. And the follow up victory came later, when I was going to eat the frozen burrito I had planned for lunch. It was about 5pm and I was hungry'ish again, looking to nosh and I was talking myself into eating the burrito.

Then I said, hold had breakfast, you had cashews, you had pizza. Even though you are hungry, you don't need to eat a 370 calorie burrito. Save it for tomorrow.

And I did!

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Good job ignoring the burrito-not sure I could... I am SO glad I don't like nuts, I have a hard enough time with Peanut Butter (yes it deserves to be capitalized!)

    Polar's Mom

    PS-Thanks for your comments on my post yesterday...

  2. Sometimes putting that fork down is the hardest part of a meal! Way to go! I'm with Polar's Mom, I don't think I could pass on the burrito. You are doing awesome!

  3. Well done for putting down the fork. (that is a challenge for me) Have a FANTASTIC weekend!!!

  4. Way to maintain your eating control! hehe. Awesome

  5. Yea on ignoring the burrito! You used your head, not your stomach. Good for you!