Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's a Blizzard!

Luckily, not the kind sold at Dairy Queen that contain a gazillion jillion calories.

Unluckily, the kind that closes airports like JFK -- which is now shut down while a record snowstorm blankets NYC. That means I'm stuck and unable to fly back as planned.

Things were crazy hectic over the holidays, but in a beautiful way. Despite my b/f's recent loss, we had some fun, a lot of quality time with family and everyone got really great gifts this year. That's kind of a record for us, since we usually somehow cross signals and someone ends up not getting what they wanted.

If I could just fly back as scheduled, it would have been the perfect trip.

I will have to institute a serious austerity plan when I return to take off the few pounds I am sure I have gained down here. I did sample (and in some cases more than sample) all the goodies that were abundantly at hand over the past five days.

A few times I ate past the point of comfort and got unhappy with myself. I also ran smack into the full-length mirror in the bathroom while exiting the shower. What I saw in the mirror sent me headfirst into a sort of anxiety attack/major depression ... but I fought it off.

What hit me hardest was the sense of futility. I saw a lot of loose skin and other unavoidable signs of long-term obesity, and I saw how much farther I have to go on my journey. I felt so powerless.

But I fought it. Hard. I can't change myself overnight. But I can change. I have changed. I just need to keep on changing.

As a reminder to myself about how far I've come, I took pains to note down how different my reactions were to food this year during the holidays. Emotions weren't a factor -- probably for the first Christmas ever in my life!

I ate when I was hungry, mostly. Other times I ate or snacked for flavor -- because I wanted a taste of something. I was able to keep that pretty much under control (ie, a bite or two, then moving on).

Sadness, nostalgia, guilt, anger, happiness (you know, the general holiday family gathering gamut) weren't factors. It just felt so different for me. And so much better.

So I have changed. I just can't seem to get the outside to catch up to the inside, dammit!


  1. The time of the year is hard on diets and weight reduction--mirrors are also hard (at least for some of us). But they are both part of life. Give yourself some TLC for getting through these stressful holiday weeks! It may seem futile sometimes, because this is hard work that we're doing, but with perseverance and consistency, we will get there!

  2. Catch yourself anytime you start to think or say something negative to yourself and turn it around. We all have parts of us that are human and imperfect because real life people have wrinkles, loose skin, blemishes, cellulite, etc. That does not mean anything at all in the scheme of life. What matters is how you think of yourself and embracing all those things that are you, including any loose skin or other things you see.

    We are not getting the blizzard up here, but we are getting some snow. Hope your travel is safe!

  3. Good for you to recognize how far you have come:) Hope the snow doesn't keep you stuck for too long.

  4. Onederful thinking ... you're doing great and I'm completely impressed! Get home safe. Vee at

  5. I love your honestly and insight. So glad you and your b/f had a nice Christmas. And hope you get home safely soon!!