Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Channeling Sting

Hum along with me now. The Police, circa...what? 1992? Every step you take, every move you make, I'll be watching you?

Switch the words "watching you" with "zinging you" and this song could be sung by the STUPID NERVE in my foot -- to me, every day, as I try to walk to work.

Yes, the dratted thing is still here. It is the nerve that can't shut up.

At the doc's office yesterday I decided against a third cortisone shot. Jury's out on how effective they are anyway, and I think I got all the improvement possible from that technique. Doc said to begin walking on it again..and essentially, if the pain's not too bad, just live with it.

But definitely no running. I tried to run 20 feet for a bus Sunday and every time my foot came down it felt like someone had stuck a hot wire under the nail of my fourth toe. So yeah...gonna stay away from that for a bit longer.

I took a chance and walked to work today and I wish I could say it didn't hurt, but it did. However, not as badly as it did three weeks ago. When I got to the office I detoured to Duane Reade and bought $5.99 gel pads to put under my feet.

It actually made a difference! Not enough that I thought it wise to try and walk home again (another 3 miles) but a small difference. I'll wear them from now on.

Eating: Today was pretty good. Maybe too much dinner, but otherwise right on plan. Fighting a sore throat, but am determined I will not get sick.

Yesterday, believe it or not, I had planned for a binge. Yes, you read that right -- planned for it.

I ate a tomato and a small chunk of feta for breakfast. The general idea was that I would buy a pumpkin pie (5 inches) at Whole Foods after my doc visit. I actually went and looked up the calorie count (240 a slice) and had calculated that if I ate nothing else that day except pie, I wouldn't get too far over my calorie count.

Yeah. Am I a genius or what?

The plan simply didn't materialize when I got to WF. The holiday buzz is wearing off, thank goodness. I just couldn't rationalize it when it came time to pick up the pie and put it in my cart.

Go, resistance muscle! At least I'm building strength somewhere!

Going to ice the foot nerve and take a cold pill. Sleep awaits.

P.S. Am still employed, and so far the editor we accidentally pocket-dialed hasn't said a word. Figure he deleted it without listening or he listened and decided to cut us some slack. Either way, I'm just keeping my head down and avoiding eye contact for the rest of the week.


  1. Ish, I am so sorry to read your foot is still bothering you. If you recall, I have had a pinched nerve in one of my feet before, which was almost debilitating for a few days. I was able to put a pad under the other side of my foot and walk on it though. That may not work where you injury is though. Maybe the gel pads will continue to help. Your in my prayers!

  2. Sorry about your foot. I hope the gel pads help. I'm still struggling a bit with a fractured toe, and it makes moving the body a bit more difficult. Good luck!

  3. I've never had pumpkin pie, but hear a lot about it every Thanksgiving. Dumb question, is it like a vegetable dish, cos the way I've heard it described sometimes it sounds more like a sweet dessert?

    Hope the foot gets better for you!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog again (!!). That is so nice to know there is so much cyber support for this journey.

    Sorry to hear that nerve has not settled down.

    Great way to keep temptation at bay (PP) over the holiday. Excellent!

  5. I'm glad to be thinking of that song now because for some reason I have been humming the Hawaii Five-0 theme song for days! Sorry to hear your neuroma is still so bothersome. I hope you can get back to running soon. I hesitate to say that for me, it required a real change in my exercise for a long while.

  6. Hi Ish,
    Glad you are feeling better, but sorry to hear the foot is still causing you grief! Hang in there!!! Glad you are still gainfully employed!! :)