Friday, November 5, 2010

Hot 100 Update # 6

My not-so-better half is out for the night. Ahhhhh, sweet solitude. Very long, difficult day, capped off with a corker of a headache that started late afternoon.

Without further ado, my update this week:

Goal # 1: Run 5k. As regular readers know, I believe I've developed a swollen nerve in my foot, a condition called Morton's Neuroma. I'm trying not to panic and worry and freak out. I have a doc's appt on Monday and you can be sure you'll get a full update. Long story short, I ran a 5k on Monday but it was pretty painful. I walked 6 miles Tuesday and 3 miles Wednesday plus the elliptical, but it took some teeth-gritting to get it done. By Wednesday night I had to ice the bottom of my foot it was so painful. I didn't run a 5k Thursday. So I'm one down this week, unfortunately.

Goal #2: Weight-loss portions at every meal: Fell off the wagon on two meals this week, both involving pasta (go figure). Sunday night after our Halloween walk I way overdid it on the yummy spaghetti and meat sauce made by the B/F. Not a binge, but an overeat.

Thursday night I made pasta at the B/F's request. Again, I overate. There were leftovers, which I polished off tonight, but I definitely ate past fullness because it tasted good. No other reason.

Goal #3: Lose 25 lbs. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to drift into fantasy land and start imagining that you've lost oodles and oodles of weight? I did that one night last week while walking home. My mind started whirling and I began to wonder if, when I next get on the scale, it might show a really really big loss. This is how I set myself up for disappointment -- unrealistic expectations. I seem to feel I'm owed a very big reward from even just a few days of clean eating and exercise.

In truth, from the way my clothes fit, I think maybe I've lost 6 to 8 lbs over the Hot 100 challenge. Maybe. In anycase, my goal is a very achievable 5lbs a month. So.... I'm doing my best, I really and truly am.

In other NSV's, tonight I left work late and exhausted and had to walk to the bank, then to the store for cat food. With the B/F out on his own, there was not hot dinner waiting for me at home.

Strangely enough, I felt barely an urge to buy something decadent and "splurge" at home alone. Despite the exhaustion, the headache, all the excuses I could summon for buying a "goodie" and burying myself in it when I got home and could sit down on the couch, I just didn't do it.

I was curiously numb to the idea. It surfaced a few times, but with no real force behind it. There was no crushing desire to wrestle with. My honest-to-God reaction was just "Meh." I knew I could grab something gooey or hot or fattening and eat it -- but I wasn't going to feel any better if I did. It wasn't even a struggle, I'm happy to say (but I'm far too aware that it may be different another time).

So it was leftovers for me, and I quite happily reheated the leftover spaghetti (made with broccoli, sauteed garlic in olive oil and sprinkled with feta), threw in spinach leaves to use them up, and a wee bit of diced chicken we hadn't eaten up earlier in the week. I was fed, and the fridge was clean.

Steve asked tonight about our favorite Hot 100 blogs. Truth be told I have many. There are so many I love! I'll list some another time -- I'm just too wiped out tonight.

Catch up with all you Hotties soon!


  1. I totally get what you're saying about the unrealistic expectations. But, sounds like over all you are making progress.

  2. I know what you mean about working so hard for several days and fantasizing about losing tons of weight. It SEEMS like it takes so long but then thing about how fast time seems to go? We're always saying, wow, I can't believe it's already fall or I can't believe the summers over. I hate how much time I've already wasted!

    Hope the foot gets better!

  3. I just went back and read your last post too. I was diagnosed with neuroma several years ago. I remember the year very well because I splurged on an elliptical machine for my 40th birthday. Mine was probably caused by a lot of step aerobics, which I gave up along with most impact activity. Hope you get good news on your foot. Here's to another week on the challenge:)

  4. LOL at the losing tons of weight. Sometimes I would eat really well one day and expect the scale to drop like a stone overnight. Forgetting that I overate the previous 2 days...

    I have those thoughts about getting goodies as well. Just happened yesterday. I was in the store for a nonfood item, and then just browsed the fancy chocolate aisle thinking I might get a treat for myself and how nice it would be. It wasn't a burning desire for one, just a niggling though. I ended up not getting anything because I figured if I wasn't really craving it, I didn't truly need it.

    Isn't it nice to be able to just think about stuff like that instead of mindlessly acting on the impulse?

  5. Not a bad week at all. NSVs rock! Even if you haven't lost the weight that you imagined, your pants fit better. That is nothing short of AWESOME!