Sunday, November 14, 2010

Run to the Light....

I broke doctor's orders last night and walked from 47th Street to Washington Square Park -- that's about a mile and change, maybe 1.5 total. It was a leisurely stroll, but my foot/toe are jumpy today. Very annoying.

But worth it, because it was a balmy night, and I was with an old friend in town for the weekend who had spent two days doing the GREAT SAUNTER.

It's a 32-mile walk around all of Manhattan. If -- when -- my toe improves, I'm going to do it too.

I miss walking. It makes me sad to be relatively immobilized during this beautiful time of year -- not yet wintery cold but cool enough to walk for hours without getting sweaty.

Dusky walks are my favorite, because the city slowly lights up and you discover new things you've never seen before, to whit the light installation I stumbled on in Madison Square Park.

The shadows are people passing along Fifth Avenue, about 200 feet behind me. I don't know how the artists rigged it so spectators can stand in the park, between the lights and the people on Fifth Avenue, and not block the shadows of the street traffic.

But they did it -- and it's pretty cool! I tried to turn the camera to get the street behind, but that didn't work so well. There's some chatter from people around me too, but I couldn't ask everyone to shut up while I filmed.

Beautiful day today, so it's gym, then walk in park (gently b/c of toe) and then I've managed to arm-twist the BF into coming to see a French film with me, Inspector Bellamy. The only possible dark spot on this day is that I'm risking going into an NYC movie theater -- could exit with bedbugs! Am seriously contemplating bringing some of the plastic casings our dry cleaning comes home in and using those as buffers on the seats.

Have a great Sunday everybody.


  1. That light thing is pretty cool!

    Hope your foot recuperates.

  2. The light is awesome! Hang in there, your foot will be better in no time! Good luck with the theatre, hope the bedbugs don't get in there....hopefully they don't like french films! :)

  3. I am totes jealous of your city living self, I’m a burbs girl and feel sorta janky next to my city living friends, that light thing was way cool!

  4. Just be careful with that foot. You don't want to screw it up and be stuck not walking for longer.
    The only lights I see at dusk is our yard lights, love your video.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  5. Doctors orders were made to be broken. Just not too often okay :-)