Saturday, March 20, 2010

Taking a Break

I'm going to heed the sage advice of my fellow weight-lossers and ease away from the daily weigh-ins right now.

It is depressing me that SOD bounced UP several pounds this week, despite almost zero off-plan eating, and decent (not great) exercise. It probably is stress -- and I think a respite is due.

I'm so stressed that I can't turn my neck to the right -- seem to have reactivated an old pinched nerve down my neck. Ow.

Apropos of nothing, should I be offended that a colleague of mine, one I do not know well and have spoken to only a few times on work-related issues, Facebooked me out of the blue to invite me to a Biggest Loser TV show weight loss event? Er, ex-squeeze me?

Wait, wait -- I know what you're going to say, he probably didn't meant it to be offensive, maybe even has noticed I've lost weight and was trying to include me in something helpful, etc etc.

It's true. I should not automatically prickle over such things.

But it's a kneejerk reaction, I guess.

Anyone else feel like they've spent their life -- their fat life anyway, for those who haven't always been larger -- fending off people who just assume that you, being heavy, must be unhappy with yourself and constantly dieting?

Anyone? Bueller, Bueller?


  1. Either you fend off those comments or the ones where people are afraid to even mention your weight at all.

    It's funny, after being overweight the majority of my life, even though I am smaller now, I still think anytime I overhear a fat comment or a catcall that it is aimed at me.

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  3. Yes! Awhile back a lady from work (I hardly know her) sidled up to me to ask me if I had heard about this "clinic." I currently have a mysterious eye disease so I assumed this was what she was talking about (although how she would know was beyond me).

    It turned out she was actually talking about a bariatric clinic. Little did she know I had lost about 20-22 pounds at that point. The only thing I wanted to say was #$%^ off, but instead found myself graciously accepting a card with the doc's name on it.

    So, yes, I would probably be offended. If it is a very close friend I would mention it, mere acquaintance...let it roll off my back.

    Good for you for taking a break from the SOD. According to my monthly WI I am up again. I may need to consider visiting the SOD weekly as monthly seems to be giving me license to eat.

  4. I think that Kim summed it up great: I'd be offended, but would get over it quickly if I didn't know them and say somehting if I knew them.

    Oh, and again! You freaked me out with the whole "taking a break" thing...

  5. I was worried about the title of the post! But, yes, whew, a scale break is justified if it's doing more harm than good. I weigh weekly, but post monthly, so far it works for me. It's funny how personal the decision when to weigh is. It can totally make or break your motivation. And I know people who don't weigh at all, they go by clothes or measurements, which would not work for me at all. I hope you find what works for YOU.