Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chocolate Craaavvvings

Honestly and truly, I'm not usually a chocoholic.

But for the past three days I have been dreaming of the dark stuff.

Oddly enough, I saw an article last night that listed 10 foods to eat when under stress. Chocolate was number one, of course.

The article said the flavonoids combat anxiety, plus it will help you feel full and satiated.

It didn't say anything about stress making you CRAVE chocolate, but I think that must be the case.

It was so strong today that as I walked past the Godiva shop en route to work I very nearly went in. And I did scavenge two local coffee shops, but walked out empty-handed.

As I went to the subway for an assignment, I bought a very small dark Hershey's mini bite. That was after I had picked up a large dark Lindt bar -- probably about 8 servings. They only had those big bars and so I rationalized myself into buying that size -- knowing on a certain level that if I bought something that big I would eat it all.

At the counter, pulling out my cash, I blurted out "You don't have any dark chocolate that's smaller, do you?" The clerk looked surprised -- I was surprised too! -- and showed me the small Hershey's. It was the equivalent to one cube of the huge Lindt bar. Thank goodness for that little voice that insisted on speaking up and asking about other options.

A little later, I walked by a specialty chocolate shop. Truffles, at $2.45 each. Good that they were so expensive -- couldn't get more than two.

Soooo rich and decadent. A bite apiece, and they were gone.

An hour after that, the woman I was meeting offered me one of her chocolate brownies. You all know how I love brownies. And chocolate.... I wanted it. Badly.

But I said no, thank you, I just had two truffles and I'm full. It killed me to say that.

Walked to work today, and then back home. No gym, but that's six miles.

Mostly weight-loss portions today to eat -- minus the chocolate.


  1. Turning down a brownie is right up there on the spectacular feats scale. You rock sister! I love those Lindt bars and limit myself to three squares. I mistakenly bought a 90% one the other day. Blargh! I like the 70% much better.

    I love chocolate and get my fix every night with homemade cocoa.

  2. Wow, turning down a brownie AND asking for a smaller chocolate bar?! Superhuman!

  3. I think cravings are the body's way of telling you it needs something, but we don't always understand what that something is and therefore assign our own meaning to it.

    Great job on getting smaller portions!

  4. Wow! Impressed.... I am mega stressed at the moment and desparately want to panic-eat all the time - and sugar is best and of that, chocolate feels most like a soothing indulgence. I'm not doing as well as you though (although it could be a WHOLE lot worse) and am too exhausted to reflect on it. Just wish I was one of those people who stress made their metabolism go into warp drive and shed the lbs super-fast.

    Huh - though if Lori's right, clearly chocolate's medicinal and what I actually NEED, right?!

    Peridot x

  5. I am not a chocoholic either Ish, but I have also been craving it lately. In particular, I have been craving cayenne chocolate, which I cannot seem to find anymore. If you like pepper and chocolate, you would probably like it, although I admit it sounds weird.

  6. Wow, Ish, your vigiliance cape is getting in extra work, huh? Way to go! And yeah, don't worry about the "no exeercise" thing; 6 miles of walking MORE than makes up for it!