Saturday, March 13, 2010

Small Victories

Count 'em with me, folks:

1) Clean eating yesterday, including a very late lunch when I was STARVING and managed to convince myself to stick with a nice hot soup (380 cals, according to Hale & Hearty)and not buy five different things because I was so hungry.

2) Got out of work at a decent hour, convinced myself to go to the gym even though it was rainy and cold. On way stopped to get turkey for my cat (trying to soothe his irritated belly with carb-free food) and realized I needed a snack to get through the workout. Impulses immediately flooded in, but I kept a tight rein on myself. It's these little decisions that have been tripping me up of late -- a 200 nutrition bar is still 200 calories. And as I said yesterday, my margin of error seems to have significantly shrunk. I skipped the nuts, the protein bars, and grabbed a banana.

3) Forced myself to gym. My deal to myself was I only had to put in 30 minutes on elliptical, but I had to make them count. I ramped up the interval training and really went for it. 400+calories burned, if you trust those machines.

4) Weight-loss portions at dinner last night, plus a glass of wine that I kept to a single serving (I actually measured out 4 ounces).

5) SOD beaten into submission this morning. Down two pounds. At last.

6) Woke up bizarrely early, don't know why, and again convinced myself to get up and go to the gym. Cold and rainy here. No chance to walk today, so I said, go now, or you won't go later. Another high-tempo 30 minutes.

7) Salad packed and ready to go for lunch today at work. No chance to slip out for a fat deli sandwich or to order in from the greasy spoon diner around the corner. Two temptations removed.

Goal for this weekend: HOLD ON TO MY TWO POUND LOSS. The SOD must not win this one.

PS: Still doing my pushups, slowly increasing on the incline ones and getting stronger. It may be wishful thinking, but I kinda sorta maybe think my arms are looking better. I haven't had to worry too much about loose skin (yet) because I've been losing slowly, but I did start seeing a bit on my upper arms and it seems to have slightly tightened up now that I'm pumping out the pushups. Go pushups!


  1. All this positivity makes me want to go out and run five miles!!!

    Isn't it funny how when we are more conscientious about what we eat and how much we exercise the SOD moves.

    Great job!!!

  2. Agreed with Kimberley. This post was so motivating! I have been holed up with this stupid cold and missed the couple warm sunny days we had this week. Now I think I feel well enough to head out - just in time for nonstop rain. But I will go to the gym and do a mellow run ("mellow" yet to be defined...3 miles, slower pace, who knows?)

    I, too, have done the sad measuring out of the wine ounces. THAT'S 4 ounces?? You've got to be kidding me...

    It's great how success breeds success. You chose the soup, then the banana, then the workout, then the lunch prep...and suddenly things seem almost easy. (Well maybe "easy" isn't the word...)

  3. Wow, you're making great decisions! I wouldn't feel too bad about a good energy bar, though. They could help you with your workout. Especially such a great intense workout. That's awesome!

    You asked me about my TV watching. Unfortunately, we watch WAY too much TV. Probably about 3 hours a day (or more). It's somehting we definitely need to cut back on, but there are just too many shows we love to watch. I do only work 7-4, though, so we get home by 5 and I'm not to bed until 10 or 11, so I guess we make sure that there's time to watch our shows, you know? What show do you like to watch?

  4. Wow, I wouldn't call those SMALL victories! Way to go!
    I was planning on having a glass of wine tonight and you've inspired me to keep it to just one. :)

  5. Great choices, Ish...may those two pounds never rear their ugly head again!