Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Don't Mean to Be Bad...

but South Beach Steve commented tonight on my blog that he was craving chocolate too, but dipped in (or rolled in or spiced with?) cayenne.

That got me thinking about my all-time favorite vegan chocolate truffle company. Maybe it's not a great idea to blog about what I'm about to blog about, but at the same time ... I love this particular company, as it's vegan, organic, fair trade and delicious.

So, hang on chocoholics, I'm about to rock your world: Lagusta's Luscious.

Lagusta's "Big Assortment"

I will allow myself one order of Lagusta's incredible, fantastic truffles a year, and I try to freeze as many as poss so as not to eat them all at once.

The best flavor of all? It might be the sea salt truffle. But honestly, they are all so beautifully handcrafted and homey that any of the flavors are to die for.

Those of you who visit the site will realize that Lagusta (that is a real person, and that's her name) started her company as a vegan food-service delivery.

She makes everything herself, using local produce first, organic second (luckily in New Paltz, NY there's a lot of organic farmers), and all is vegan. I used her vegan food service for about a year once -- it's what really taught me that healthy eating could be delectable.

I enjoyed her weekly meals SO much. Everyone in my office was jealous. Sadly, I couldn't afford to keep it going -- but if I ever hit the mega-millions, the first thing I'll do is sign up again!

Sidenote: I did not lose a lot of weight while eating Lagusta's food because I wasn't working out then, and I think I ate way too much of it in one sitting because it was just that good. It's supposed to be five meals -- but I'm sure I ate it all in three.

Back when I started Lagusta didn't do chocolate truffles regularly -- just once a year. They proved so popular she does them all the time now. I buy them for friends (non-dieting) to celebrate special events.

Weight-loss portions today. No chocolate (bummer). Walked to work, and home.

Irony alert: walked so much yesterday I got a small blister on bottom of my foot despite wearing my regular sneakers. Switched today to alternate sneakers to walk to and from work. Blisters on my heel. Lovely.


  1. Boo to the blisters...hello to the truffles. I love dark chocolate and salt together. I am also a fan of chili and chocolate. Who am I kidding? If it is chocolate I am a fan.

    How is it going with MIL? Hopefully the situation is getting resolved.

  2. That's the problem with delicious food sometimes (for me, at least): I just eat too dang much--since it's so good.

    Oh, those truffles sounds great! Anna and I discovered Recchiuti Chocolates on our trip to SF. So good! We got a sampler box and brought it home. We've been having our Recchiuti Moments about 4 times a week since we got back...almost out, though!!

    I'm loving your posts!

    Hope your blisters get better. :(

    I'll echo Kim's comment: How is it going with MIL? Hopefully the situation is getting resolved.

  3. Heya! Thanks for the sweet post! I feel I should chime in to say that my truffles have this weird secret: they are made with super healthy coconut butter, which is composed of medium-chain fatty acids that aren't actually stored as fat in the body, they are used as energy. Runners sometimes eat coconut butter when training! Of course, everything is unhealthy if you eat too much, but the truffles are so wee, really, that they are an OK indulgence. Just wanted to reassure you! : ) I actually wrote a whole essay on the super-healthful-ness of coconut oil, if anyone's interested:

  4. Thanks for reminding me of the chocolate and cayenne again Ish! :-)