Monday, March 15, 2010

Spam Sucks

Yes, I was spammed -- and somehow became a spammer. Everyone in my e-mail address book last night got an e-mail touting the benefits of Viagra and an "erection pack." Oh my.

So my account was hacked, which meant scrambling around to find out if the virus is on my computer or what... anyway, it was resolved (I *think*), but it was very annoying. I hate spammers and hackers -- what sort of people are they, really? They're like parasites.

Anyway, the past 24 hours have been very challenging, and I can report that my two pounds are still gone -- yay!

But it's almost no thanks to me. I made enough good decisions to keep myself in the right place, but I made quite a few bad decisions too.

Stuck to my salad on Saturday for lunch, no snacks, and came home to enjoy a delicious catfish fry up, courtesy of the B/F. It's not a low-calorie meal so we only do it rarely. I planned for it, and enjoyed it. And ate to the point of being stuffed, something I have been trying to avoid. So mixed bag there.

The next day had a brunch with the girls. Fraught with peril. Am proud that I did NOT eat breakfast at home, even with the BF making a Sunday special. I had a handful of nuts and said that's it -- brunch was at 1pm, so I had to have something to carry me from 9am 'til then.

Ordered eggs, and the portions were just right -- there were potatoes on the side, but NOT a huge fried mess. Just one potato, small, cut into thirds.

We walked around as much as we could afterward, but it was still rainy and gross. I separated from my friends around 5, intending to run home and get in a quick workout before Sunday closing at 6pm.

In the end, that didn't happen. There was wine and some cheese, of course. These two being Europeans (of course they're skinny) that's a given on most days. I was able to restrain myself from eating too much cheese -- a first for me. And I really worked at going slow and sipping.

Still, none of this was planned, and I knew I was flirting with danger eating off-plan for the day.

Ultimately I seem to have squeaked out unharmed. The SOD was benevolent this morning and did not take away my two pounds. But now that I'm getting a sense of my daily fluctuations, I know that TODAY will be very important. I could hold the line, or screw it up.

Since it's Monday, it's go to Whole Foods day.

Goal: get in, get out. Do NOT buy any vegan desserts. I want to wake up tomorrow and see the same SOD reading I saw today. Or a lower one, if poss.


  1. Great job on keeping it reeled for the unplanned stuff. :D

  2. Great job on the restraint. Yay to keeping the two pounds off.

  3. I think you did a fantastic job here. That's "real life", right? A little of this, little of that...choosing to indulge and keep it all balanced somehow.

  4. Wow, craziness, huh? You're kicking butt right now! :)