Friday, March 19, 2010

New Day

Trying to let go of all the negativity surrounding us right now.

Good news is that I haven't deviated (aside from a Kashi bar and a bag of soy chips) from my planned eating this week, in spite of everything.

Bad news is that I didn't get in the workouts I wanted, although I made a lot of effort to get in what exercise I could. Especially last night -- fit in a quick 30 minutes on elliptical even though it was close to 9pm.

However, SOD is up about five pounds this morning from my weekend low. With almost zero variation in diet, and some working out.

I'm starting to think maybe the daily weight tracking isn't for me. I definitely can see how it's a good tool, and if I ever get anywhere close to my goal weight I would definitely use it.

But at this moment, it's depressing to see my weight fluctuate so much within a 24 hour span. I'm starting to wonder how I ever lost any weight in the first place.


  1. With your current stress levels, I would ditch the scale for a while, but continue with your healthy eating and exercising habits. It seems as it bothers you too much with the daily fluctuations, even though they are totally normal to see.

  2. yeah, maybe the daily tracking isn't for you at this moment in your life. Stress has a way of really affecting our weight moreso than usual. I'm hoping you have a much less stressful weekend!

  3. I'll echo everyone's comments. Ditch the scale, keep the eating plan, and increase the workouts (if you have time). But most importantly, HANG IN THERE!