Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sailing Along

Ahoy, matey. Trouble ahead.

Things are still going well this week, but as I sat down this morning to discuss future plans with the long-suffering B/F, it hit me: I have a hella challenging couple of weeks right around the corner, starting with this weekend.

One of the bitterest, most depressing, most evil little facts of weight loss that I have learned oh-so-heartbreakingly over the past 18 months is that two weeks of progress can be undone in an instant.

Well, maybe not an instant. But over weekend? Heck yeah.

We are going upstate again Friday night for a few days. That's the really good news, because we love it up there!

The bad news it that the last time we went up there a month ago my eating got totally out of whack, trail mix and chips and cheese were consumed, plus a huge dinner one night, and -- let's be real here -- our moderate little hikes didn't come close to burning the kind of calories I was eating. I wiped out a 2-lb weight loss in two days (and then some).

So we've made plans. I asked the B/F, who went out and bought a special type of salsa in anticipation of blue corn tortilla chip-eating after our hike, to please only put out a portion of chips for him and me, and then hide the rest. We aren't buying any cheese. We aren't going to the local diner for mammoth pancakes and egg platters. We have planned small meals. Luckily the B/F naturally eats "normal" portions. I'm the one who keeps shoveling it in without thought.

There will be wine. There is just no way I can hike all day, then come home and enjoy an outdoor hot tub without a glass of red. No way.

That's planned for, however, so I'm cool with that. But I have to be on high, high, HIGH alert this weekend. Oh, and did I mention the county fair? Yes, there will be one, full of fried things no doubt. I think I can meet any temptation, except apple cider donuts (if they're fresh).

When I get back, there's a big works drinks and dinner thing Tuesday night, then a week of a dear friend visiting from England with her hubby and kids. They are major foodies, and we are already booked for two dinners, a brunch, and I'm supposed to go along for a night of beers and bar food at our old frequent hang out.

We used to sit there and eat fried food and slurp the Stella Artois. I don't do that anymore; she'll have to make do with me sipping red wine and skipping the fried foods.

But I've got to stay sharp, or these things will sneak up on me. I can handle some variations, I can absorb a few extra bites or drinks here and there. I cannot -- CANNOT -- handle a major setback. I would be so so so disappointed in myself in the aftermath.

No. 1 rule: weight-loss portions no matter what I'm eating.

So far this week, on plan eating. Wondering if perhaps I'm eating a leeettle bit too much during the day. Will consider that.

Hit the gym Tuesday and today for elliptical sessions, 1 hour each. Rode my bike to and from work each day. If all goes as planned, another 5k tomorrow morning.

Rock on, folks!


  1. What? I'm sorry I didn't absorb anything you wrote after apple cider doughnut. OMG. I've never heard of it before now and I think I hate you a little because now it sounds so good. The plan is the main thing. Have something to munch when you get the munchies and you will. Oh you will with all that foodies and beer and friends and laughing and hiking and they'll be snacking and now I hate you more because you're going to have fun and I'll be at home with 3 kids and homework. Oh well. Good luck!

  2. Wow, Ish. Seriously. You sure do have soem pitfalls ahead, but you're planning for them and figuring out how to thwart them. Nice!!

  3. We don't have apple cider doughnuts here and I've never heard of such a thing but I SO want to try one (would your English friend bring me one back please?!)

    Combining dieting with a social life is a bitch - planning and anticipating like you have done is key. Good luck. And I am TOTALLY with you on the soul destroyingness (yes, yes, I know there's no such word) of gaining in a mere instant what it's taking painful weeks to lose.


  4. "two weeks of progress can be undone in an instant."

    More true words have never been spoken!

    It sounds like you are planning well though. You can do this!