Friday, October 22, 2010

Hot 100 Update # 4

Can't believe how fast this challenge is going. Do we really only have 60 or so days left? I think I've somehow slipped a gear and gone into dog years -- everything is going seven times faster than usual (except the weight loss, drat it).

To the challenge at hand:

1) Build up my endurance to run 5k: no additional 5k runs this week, although I had at least one planned. After the (ahem) incident on our hike upstate, I apparently strained some stomach muscles as well as bashing my arm and wrist. Was very sore all week. I did get in extra walking, but would have liked to at least hit the elliptical machine once. But... these were conscious choices I made due to injury, not flake-out or laziness, so I'm not going to dwell, just glad I'm healing and ready for a new week!

2) Weight loss portions at every meal: This was a toughie this week. I can't honestly say that I did it at every meal, especially while we were up in the cabin. What I can say is that I kept a firm grip on what I did eat. Yes, I would have liked to cut myself off a few bites earlier on a couple of occasions, and I snacked more than I would have liked. Yet, I didn't consume an entire cake (which I've been known to do) or a whole bag of chips, etc etc. I did keep reminding myself not to go really really far overboard, and it helped. I'll call it a qualified success.

3) Lose 25 lbs: I'm measuring by my clothes right now, not the scale. Put on a black shirt this week I haven't worn in a while and it was definitely bigger on me. And not just on the shoulders and bust, but actually looser around the woolly mammoth hips that Mother Nature insisted on gifting me with. That, my friends, is a pleasant surprise! I'd like to keep going on this though and get my skinny jeans loose on me once more, the way they were a few months ago when I guessed it, 25 lbs less!

Challenges ahead: The food-loving British friend and her always ravenous family arrive this week. Several dinners out and all manner of things.

Goal is to get back to the running, which for some odd reason always makes me feel thinner, even when I know that logically one can't run a mile and lose 10 inches. But what does logic have to do with weight loss anyway?

Let's go Hotties! I'll be checking updates and taking names this week!


  1. Doing good! I don't think you need to dwell at all about having to change the exercise routine. Life happens and you need to work around it (like said injury). You could easily just have done nothing at all, but you chose to do what you could. Bravo.

  2. Loose clothes are always good, aren't they? I think you made a wise choice nursing your injury this week.

    Ish, have a great week!

  3. Loose clothes are a great NSV!

  4. Great news on the loose clothes. Beware the visitors as they can really derail you. Good luck on working on the 5k this week.

  5. Just found you through the Hottie challenge. Thanks for stopping by my blog./ I like how you are measuring your weight loss with how your clothes fit. Have a great week. Michele

  6. Isn't it awesome to put on clothes that once fit only to find they fit again?? Awesome! I love that! Keep it up!

    I'm finding the support from the Hot 100 is just awesome!! So glad we're still in it!!