Monday, October 11, 2010

Run 5k? Check.

One Hot 100 Goal is down. Today I ran 5k.

It wasn't an official 5k. There was no race or cause or banner or anything. Just me and my treadmill, plodding along. But it was great! I would sound more excited, but I am actually exhausted right now.

To celebrate my first 5k jog in..oh, 15 years, I came home and made lunch. This is normally what I eat for breakfast, but today it was my mid-day meal.

Can't tell you how good it tasted. Fresh tomato with spinach and a piece of low-cal mozzarella cheese and scrambled eggs. You can't see the eggs because I wasn't patient enough to wait for them to cook before taking the picture.

Then it was off on my bike (pedaling verrry slowly and gently because of my sore knees) to the Guggenheim for the Chaos and Classicism exhibit (lots of Picasso and Manet and Monet works). I didn't stay long; it was crowded. One of the joys of NYC is that working press get in free to all museums, so I never feel like I have to absorb every little thing of an exhibit. I can always go back. I'd have taken a picture of the Picassos, but they frown on that. Here's the lobby though, looking up.

After that, it was to the park on my trusty blue bike. I found a nice spot, and stretched out on the grass to chat with a friend. Then, under the 70-degree sun and bright blue skies, I took a wee nap. Only about 20 minutes, but it was nice.

Here's what my bike looks like when you lie down next to it.

After that I rode back to the gym. I had decided to take a 5:30 pm Hatha Yoga class. I did this because over the weekend I visited a lot of Hot 100 blogs (they are all so great!) and I saw a lot of posts about injuries -- many of them running related. I think that injuries are a byproduct of an active life. Chances are if you work out a lot, no matter how careful you are, a few injuries will occur. But nobody wants them to, least of all me!

So when I jogged this morning I did it very lightly, striking flat-footed more than on my heel, which is very jarring. I kept my knees soft and supple. I felt no pain. But I figured a yoga class would help with extra stretching of the legs.

Ow. Ow. Ow. That yoga class HUUUUURRRT! I am always shocked by the strength required to do yoga. After a few downward dogs to cobra and back, OMG, I was dripping sweat.

I've just gotten home and it's pouring rain. Glad I missed that. I'm once again icing the knees, but as a precaution more than anything. They are slightly inflamed, but no pain. I hope to soon muster up the energy to hobble to the kitchen to make dinner (dover sole with pesto sauce and broccoli).

Doing that yoga class was a bit of overkill and I am beyond exhausted, but it's a good feeling. I'd summon up an exclamation point if I weren't so tired. :-)


  1. Great job on a 5K! Sometimes you never know what you can do until you just try :D

  2. You sure kicked your own butt, huh? Dang, Ish, no wonder you had to ice those knees!

  3. !

    There you go. Now, how many calories have I burnt doing that for you?!