Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Guilty Silver Lining

Is it a sign of diet-obsessiveness that my English friend had to cancel her family's trip to NYC this week and the kids (and she) are totally heartbroken and I am secretly relieved?

Not relieved that they aren't coming -- I really wanted to see them all. But relieved that the onslaught of food and drink temptations I was anticipating aren't going to materialize at all. Yeah, deeply, deeply relieved!

This weight-loss thing is just so much easier when everything is under my control. And that makes me try harder to control things and want more and more control over my schedule and rituals.

But, that way madness lies, methinks. Life's not really in our control (at least all the time), is it? And I need to remember that I CAN handle situations outside my usual food routine. That's one of my major non-weight-loss goals on this journey -- get rid of my fear (and longing) for food, and let it all just be .....well, food.

Checked out some Hot 100 Hotties last night! Lots of good stuff out there. I met some new faces, checked up on some old ones. Everybody looks to be doing well.

Yesterday was a very clean day for me with good exercise. I'm trying to use my lunch hour to walk around a little bit ever since reading that article that says Americans walk the least of all industrialized nations.


  1. It is more comfortable with our routines because they are routines. If you ate out all the time, that would become routine and you would develop your habits for that. Same thing as if you were to have family visits each weekend.

    It's kind of hard to 'train' for things like that, though, isn't it?

  2. I can totally understand your thoughts! I think I would be the same way.

    Great work checking out some hotties!

  3. I am sometimes secretly happy when plans to go to the bar get cancelled, even one beer gives me bloating for three or four days, and drinking diet soda is no where near as good as havin a beer. It's rough but I completly understand.
    I've also had a nutty week and it feels so wonky to be so out of control with my food, I can control it better at work and work has been weird so this will not be a good weight loss week for the Ninja.

  4. I think the mindset that helped me the most was to think of food as fuel for my body, like petrol for the car. Then you think more about quality of the fuel.

  5. Yeah, Ish, I'm totally with you. I like to control things, but even in those casses, food still exerts lots of control on me--I am still very tempted by food and indulgence and guilt. to fix this, indeed!