Friday, October 8, 2010

Hot 100 Update #2

Is it bizarre that I really look forward to the Hot 100 Update? It is, I truly swear, the highlight of my week. Sad, perhaps, but true!

First things first. If you haven't gone over to Beej's site recently, check out his new recipe for a cheese & onion frittata.

Also, let's say hello to some Hot 100 Hotties! These are folks who've come a visitin' to my blog since the challenge started:

The Ninja
Half of 360
Dr. Fat to Fit
Thanks for coming over folks, especially Dr. Fat to Fit, who had surgery last week! And of course, thanks to all my beloved regular visitors who are much appreciated.

So, on to my week. How did I do? At the risk of sounding smug, I think I did passably well.

1) Running 5k: I didn't have a chance to work on my running, thanks to my cold. But I got in several long walks, and allowed my knees to heal a bit. Now they only hurt when I go upstairs, and just a wee bit. I will be back on the treadmill soon, and I think the running will progress well.

2) Weight-loss portions every meal: miracle of miracles, this is still on track. I think the closest I've come to going off was two extra bites of yam and beans the other night at dinner. It doesn't sound like much, but it broke several rules, so I have to note it down. If you read my blog earlier this week, you'll know I had a day of eating nothing but fast-food, but still kept the portions and calories in hand. That's just unheard of for me. I'm writing down what I eat every night, and planning for the next day, and "no hunger, no food" is my mantra.

I also changed up my lunch routine. Now I bring an organic bean burrito to work, 370 calories, and then I supplement with a little salad. This way I can know for sure what calorie ballpark I'm in. Small lunch, small snack, small dinner.

3) Lose 25 lbs: I'm still not on the scale. However, this morning I walked into the bathroom at work, which has a full length mirror (unlike my house) and realized my clothes were swimming on me. Now, this isn't as dramatic as I'd like it to sound; both the shirt and pants I had on were voluminous on me to begin with. But they were definitely MORE voluminous this week than they were two weeks ago. I am not getting on the scale yet, but I have a plan: I will weigh myself on the day I try on my skinny jeans and find them sagging off my skeleton. I hope in another two weeks.

Hope everyone is doing well on their Hot 100 goals. I'll be checking your blogs this weekend!


  1. You've had a great week with your goals Ish! Good job!

  2. Ish, you totally crack me up!! Thanks for the shout out, too.

    I am really proud of you keeping with the weight-loss portions--nice!!

  3. Great job this week! I can feel the positivity coming through this post :D

  4. Sounds like it was a very good week:)

  5. Swimming clothes? Awesome. And what I get no love? Mmmm bean burrito. SOunds good.

  6. I look forward to it too, Ish. It's amazing what being a part of this challenge can do for us!

  7. Do you make that bean burrito or is it frozen?

    Polar's Mom