Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Near Death Experience and The Biggest Loser

A couple of random items today.

Yesterday while biking to work I very nearly impaled myself on the back of a car because I was so busy staring at my new odometer and trying to figure out why I couldn't get it to reset to zero.


I looked up at just the right moment and was able to lean just far enough to the right to slide by the parked car in front of me (double-parked, I should say).

And luckily nothing was coming behind me as I abruptly moved into another lane.

But I didn't move fast enough to avoid a sharp smack on my left knee as I tried to get out of the car's way. Ouch. That's the bad knee.

I watched the Biggest Loser last night. God, they've gotten really militant, haven't they?

I was shocked by the challenge that had all the contestants trying to work together to lose 150lbs in a week.

They had them on 1,200 calories a day. Women were to hit a "burn" of 6,000 calories a day, and men 8,000.

That, to me, sounds like hell. And quite unsustainable. But that's just me! I lurves me some good food and have a hard time dropping below 1500 cals a day without feeling like I'm going to pass out. Probably mental, I know.

But it reminds me of a t-shirt an uncle of mine used to wear: "Hard work never killed anyone. But I'm not going to risk it."

1200 cals a day probably wouldn't kill me either. But I'm not going to risk it -- at least, not at this weight. Some of those folks -- most of them -- are 400+. It can't be good to drop them down to 1,200 cals a day. There's gonna be a bounce back.

I truly have a love/hate relationship with this show. Sometimes I have to turn it off because it's so cheesy/ridiculous/over-the-top. And then I have to turn it back on to see what they are doing in the gym.

Maybe I'm secretly wishing for my own personal trainer? Hmmmm. Something to chew on.

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  1. I still haven't seen BL. I don't really get into TV much, so it hasn't been high on my list, but lately everyone is talking about it.

    I hope the knee isn't too sore.