Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chocolate Babka

Not lesser babka, but the real thing:

A dear friend of ours who is Jewish brought me in two rolls of some kind of chocolate cake thing yesterday morning. It was made by his 70+ something Jewish mom, rolled out painstakingly and loving schmeared with lotsa chocolate.

It was for me and the BF to help us through our family loss.

Handing me two loaves of chocolate pastry at 9am on a Friday morning and expecting me to hold on to it until 8pm or later is akin to sticking a live hand grenade in my pocket and telling me not to move or it will detonate. Of course I'm going to move! And so...of course I'm going to eat the babka.

Friday is THE most stressful day at work, early deadlines, lots of pressure, etc... I ate one with my morning coffee and early lunch. Just kept pulling off chunks of it.

Saved the second roll (ostensibly for the BF).

It didn't make it home. As soon as my friend left to start Rosh Hashana (with a last admonishment to 'save some' for the BF), I had the packet open again. And within 10 minutes, it was gone.

According to Trader Joe's frozen packets of Babka, there's 1,014 calories in 12 oz. So I consumed at least 2,000 cals. At least. And that's just the Babka. There were (ahem) other things eaten that day as well.

Babka bombs. Bloody lovely.

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