Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lunchtime in Queens

A temptation encountered -- and handled.

Lunchtime today, a reason to go to Queens, and a colleague willing to have some Indian food.

For those of you who don't know New York, Queens is the borough with the most delicious, authentic, to-die-for Indian food (and latin food. and asian food. and so on).

My resistance was low, since I compensated for yesterday's six cookies and turkey meatball/pesto-tortellino-parmesan-cheese-fest by not eating dinner ( I truly wasn't hungry) and having only a small breakfast.

By mid-morning I was starving, of course. But due to work issues and an insane, rage-a-holic editor, I had to delay meeting my colleague until about 3pm. That meant I had to eat something, or I'd pass out. That's how I powered my way through a bag of Gensoy chips at 1pm. Great. And 1/2 an apple, and 2/3 of a plum (I didn't eat the bruised, brownish parts).

Finally got to lunch. $10 for an all-you-can eat buffet, just moments before it closed. Colleague and I scarfed food. But I was able to keep myself under a semblance of control. Those wise words from my nutritionist actually started floating around in my head, clamoring to be heard of the noise of my own overactive salivary glands. And what she said was this: Taaaaannndoooori. Not Kooooorrrmmmma.

Tandori it was. Behold the evidence above.

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