Friday, January 1, 2010

Lost Insights

Dude, where's my epiphany?

Aren't we supposed to get hit with a smart stick or something on Jan. 1, 2010 and suddenly figure out all our life's challenges?

I'm waiting for my moment of zen enlightenment to come. It's not cooperating.

I think this is kind of like all those years when I wanted to lose weight, yet felt powerless to do something about it.

I yearned for it, yet I wasn't willing to make the changes. Worse, I didn't know I could make them. I didn't see my own possibilities. I felt like my body was a cage. I felt trapped. I didn't link my obesity to what I ate and what I did -- I assumed I was obese because that's just how I was made.

We are always looking for change to come from outside ourselves. Especially me -- it's an old habit of mine.

What comes first -- a change of mind, or a change of habit? If you change your actions, will your mind follow, or does the heart/head have to go first, followed by the body?

I suspect it's a combination of both -- sometimes one, and sometimes the other, depending on your circumstances.

But it's essential that you be the source that drives your transformation. It can't come from the outside.

Here I am again -- waiting for my New Year's epiphany to drop down on me from the sky.

It's not going to get here that way, is it?


  1. Well, you have had one full day of 2010 to think about it. Did you come up with anything?

    I loved your post on my 2010 goals post. Thanks for being there!!!

  2. While it is awesome when we get hit with an epiphany, sometimes we just have to trudge ahead anyway. The epiphany may happen a few days down the road. The best to you Ish!