Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Halfway to my mini-vacation, which starts next week! I'm going to be frivolous for a moment and talk about that.

Very excited, just bought a new pair of sneaker/sandals that I think are going to be awesome. In the past, I've always had to wear my sneakers when traveling, no matter what the temperature. My feet got too sore if I wore anything but really supportive shoes.

Things aren't quite as bad anymore, so I have these to sport around in:

Notice the huge radiator in the back -- definitely needed in these cold climes! I won't be wearing these shoes around NYC for many more months to come.

Also, did anyone happen to read this story in the papers today? I've linked to the BBC version, which is a bit cheeky, but it's quoting a UK study that says carrying some extra weight on your hips, thighs and buttocks is actually good for your cardiovascular health.

If that's the case, my friends, I am going to live to be 200 years old!! Woo hoo! Who knew my family tendency to pack it all on the lower half was a good thing? Even my slim Mom, nary an extra pound on her frame her whole life, always had what we (the British half of us, anyway) would call a wide bum. I inherited the same genetic tendency.

And apparently that's a very good thing. Hah! Take that, childhood tormentors.

On two more serious notes, I'd like to thank everyone for their sweet feedback on my last post. I almost didn't publish what I'd written because I felt like it was too silly and boring and nobody would want to read it. So I'm quite chuffed that many of you found it worth commenting on. Thanks!

This morning, although I'm being lighthearted and all, I have the poor people Haiti firmly in mind. The earthquake that ripped through there yesterday was devastating to an already destroyed land, and the suffering in the aftermath will be cataclysmic. The earthquake is bad enough, but what comes after is truly terrible -- lack of water, food, medical supplies leads to terrible diseases and often a slow painful death for people and animals.

Strangely enough, the mini-vacation the B/F and I are taking next week is actually a humanitarian mission to that part of the world. Not Haiti, but in the vicinity.

I would like to go to Haiti, but I've been close there (the Dominican Republic, which shares a border) and it's no joke. If you don't go in with some UN protection, you don't know that you'll be getting out. But we will be bringing supplies today to the Haiti Relief Mission here in NYC. I hope it can help in some way.

Blessings, everybody!

PS Gym everyday for the last two days, but my back is sore. Eating mediocre -- a bit more maintenance than weight loss. Working on that today.


  1. Yep, no fear of Cushing's Disease in this (rear) quarter. Although I fear I have both fat stores - a bit like camels' humps - one on my arse and one on my belly. And a few humplettes scattered elsewhere. Ooh, I'm a dish!

    Painted toenails with those seriously rugged sandals? Red would be good! Nice juxtapositioning!

    Peridot x

  2. It was hearbreaking watching the news last night regarding Haiti. I feel horrible for the people there. They just don't have the infrastructure like we do which is so helpful after catastrophic events like this.

    I hope you enjoy your vacation, and congrats on the new shoes, Ish! Love 'em!

  3. Thanks for reminding us all how lucky we are to be in the developed world. I think it's great that you're going to do some humanitarian work and that you're going to donate to the Haiti Relief Mission. Go you!

  4. beej turned me on to your blog... hope you don't mind my poking around - I enjoyed your posts...way to look outside yourself - the sure fired way to remain motivated :)