Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy 101

Hi guys,

Beej very kindly tagged me for Happy 101.

I'm kind of overwhelmed right now with all the sad news coming out of Haiti. Consequently, I'm very happy at the moment with our working water system, heating system and the fact that I'm lucky enough to live in a developed country with a strong infrastructure!

Sounds silly, I know, but ... gosh, sometimes you can't help but think, "There but for the Grace of God go I."

But on any given day, these are the things that make me happy:

1) Coming home on a cold night and settling into my cosy place, with my cat, and my boyfriend.

2) A good sweaty workout

3) Seeing the scale go down (it does make me sooooo happy!)

4) Spending time with my nephew and family

5) Traveling, especially to Latin America

6) Reading a good book

7) A glass of full-bodied red wine while chatting with friends

8) I love an underdog story -- always makes me happy to see someone beat impossible odds and succeed

9) The opera

10) Playing tennis or going hiking.

What about you? I think I'll tag Peridot for this one.

Quick update: Managed to squeeze in gym yesterday, but not for very long. Had a weird spike in blood sugar or something yesterday, ate a fage yogurt with honey and then got the shakes. Bad.

Ate too much after that at home. Healthy food, but waaaaay waaaay waaaaay too much of it. Ugh.


  1. Eeek - what do I do? Happy to do it (loved reading your 10) but need some instructions!
    Peridot x

  2. I am having a tough time dealing with the horror in Haiti too. I have been working so much that I didn't even find out about until last night. It is a terrible, terrible thing and you are right "There but for the Grace of (the Universe for me) God go I."

    Sucks about the blood sugar. Our bodies are so complex.

  3. It truly is tough to think about what we're happy about. But I really think that it's important to do what we can about the tragedy in Haiti (if we can donate, then donate; if we can pray, then pray; if we can doctor, then doctor, etc...), but then let go of what we can't help. Not ignore, but know that it's out of our hands.

    Great list! I've been wanting to get into Opera (I think we have a good one here in Seattle)...what should I hear/listen to?

  4. Loved your list! It is hard to feel happy in ones own life when such devastation is going on in the world around us.

  5. Hey, seeing the scale go down makes me happy too!

    Love your list, and I totally feel ya on dealing with the tragedy in Haiti. It's just really beyond comprehension.

  6. I am also feeling so much sad to see the incidence happened in Haiti. It was a tragic incidence and is never forgotten. It was a natural disaster. I hope for the better tomorrow.