Thursday, January 28, 2010

Muy Rapido

Did anyone else hear about the latest study from the Mayo Clinic?

Here's a decent enough synopsis from one of the network TV stations.

But in essence, it says that there are some 30 million Americans who are of a "normal" weight, but whose bodies have high (read "obese") fat percentages compared to their muscle ratios.

What does this mean? Well, many things, I think. First, another blow to the lie that "skinny" means healthy. And that heavier people are by definition less healthy/fit than more slender counterparts.

Second, and more important IMHO, is more focus on weight lifting and training.

If you are 20 lbs above what's considered your normal range of weight (by BMI charts, etc), but your fat/muscle ratio is at 25 percent, are you less healthy than the woman classified as "normal" but whose ratio is 32 percent? Me thinks not.

We'll see how this all plays out.

Also, I've been reading with interest the debate over heel/toe placement when running. I think I'm going to aim for flat-foot placement or toe strike when I start running. No more slamming down my heels first.

Right, gotta get ready to walk to work now. Trying to get back on track post-travels.


  1. The heel/toe debate is fascinating to me! I've been wearing my Vibrams almost exclusively at work and on my walks outside, adn I have to say that they're the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever had! I'm not sure about the whole health/injury aspect of it, but I just wear them because htey feel right.

    I'd recommend them to most anyone.

  2. Ok, first I'm totally sorry, because I missed your great return from vacation! I'll catch up momentarily, but glad to see you're back. I never knew there was a debate over heel/toe when running...something to check out for sure!

  3. Thanks for your comment, Ish! When I'm in the gym, I use my old running shoes, though I may buy a new pair or New Balance MR800 ( shoes for my gym time. On my outside runs/walks, I always wear my Vibrams. I love them so much! :)