Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yawn, blink, blink

Trying to clear the sleep from my eyes for an early morning post before I go into work for an extra shift. It sounded like a good idea at the time....

Now I'm really regretting it. It's a gorgeous day here, perfect for a bike ride (not too many of those left) and I have to get some exercise in here somehow. Not easy, because my gym closes at 5 pm on Sundays and I didn't wake up early enough to go before reporting for duty for the sixth day in a row.

Things have been alright since my near-disaster Wednesday night, and thanks everyone for the encouraging comments.

Thursday night was a work party. I did have some wine but firmly steered clear of the buffet. Friday is usually my day off from work outs because it's a really hectic day. So no workout there.

But Saturday I needed to find time for a gym visit and I didn't. And now today I find myself in a pickle. Will have to find a way around it -- my gym has other branches in the city fairly close to me. One of them most be open later.

My calorie count for Friday and Saturday has been on the high side. That's ...ok, I guess. I mean, I plan for it. But I'm not always happy with myself after.

So I need to get right back on it today. Even if I can't go out for a long bike ride and then to the gym like I planned, I can find another way to tackle this problem. Either walk home from work, or find an open gym. Or both, I suppose!


  1. Sometimes I love an afternoon nap, but it generally doesn't work out well for me in the long run. I love the nap, but the after effects are tough.

  2. Yeah, naps are tough but oh so sweet!. Hope you got back on it yesterday! And great job staying away from the buffet!