Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beautiful Day Today

Am still hating the fact that the little orange cat got hit by some random stranger in a car who was too busy/drunk/indifferent whatever to see that he was trying to cross the street.

But am trying to let it go. I just hope he didn't suffer.

It was lovely in the park this morning. In fact, it was so beyond gorgeous in one particular part that I had to whip out the cell phone and take some snaps, despite knowing my camera phone can never do my light-filled park justice.

Northern Ramble of Central Park, approximately 9:34 am.
And just one more.
I'd upload more but the computer is super slow tonight. Enjoy, and I'll be back with more.

Oh...right, how's my week going in regards to weight loss (the reason I started this blog, after all!). Um. Not great.

For a variety of reasons, this has turned into a boozy week. Alcohol is kind of ever-present in my career, and I have to be very careful to avoid office gatherings, which tend to be beer-fueled.

Normally that's not hard for me. While I do enjoy a nice hoppy beer, I really prefer wine. I often just skip the the drinks with no effort. But this week was different.

Wine over the weekend, beer on Wednesday night because of a totally random (once-in-a-lifetime) chance to swap stories with a legendary columnist at a local bar.

Eating has been spotty. Not weight loss portions for dinner, and yesterday I even took a cookie from the snack station at work. I have not sampled anything from that station for over a year.

It was only one, but it worried me. I'd broken that habit. Do not want it coming back.

Also, fighting a cold, and somehow hurt my knee. Thursday morning's walk to work was my only exercise this week.

So I'm not looking forward to weigh in.


  1. Those really are beautiful! One of these years, Anna and I will totally go to NYC--seriously, mostly for Broadway shows and Central Park!

  2. Great pics Ish. I wish some of that pretty weather would come my way. We have had so much dreary, rainy weather lately it is a bit depressing.

    As you look back on the week you may be tempted to beat yourself up. Don't do it. You cannot change anything at all about yesterday. Just learn from it and go on. Sure, you got a cookie. Was that the best thing to do? No, but it is in the past. I bet you don't get another one for a long, long time. Again, don't worry about yesterday, just make today the best day you can make it.

  3. Pretty, pretty pictures.

    Even though you had a rough week, you certainly paid attention to what you ate, which is a great habit to get in to. If you hadn't would it not have been more than 1 cookie?