Thursday, October 8, 2009

Say Cheeeese!

Check out this gorgeous upstate store:

BUT... before I wax on about the joys of going upstate for a weekend, let me say I'm still dealing with the food fallout from that trip.

Tonight, back in NYC -- speed bump in the form of Havarti cheese. Me. Hunger. Bad.

While we were away at our friend's cabin this weekend the BF managed to devour a beautiful hunk of farm-fresh hard cheese with dill flecked throughout. It was divine. And he ate it all (with my help).

We got back to NYC and bought the closest replacement we could find at Whole Foods: Havarti with dill. But our friend just laughed and refused to take it, generously saying it was fine that we'd eaten the cheese she'd had upstate.

So guess who just gnawed her way through a significant chunk of the dill and Havarti? Yes, moi.

Aaaarrrggh. I was extremely hungry, having gotten home very late on my bike, and then been delayed even more by two members of my coop board. By the time I got up to make dinner it was close to 9pm. I started nibbling and couldn't stop. Actually nibbling is a very dainty word for what I did. I inhaled. I scarfed. I stuffed.

To make up for it, however, I haven't eaten any dinner. I'm full. So I'm not eating anymore tonight.

On a lighter side, here are more pics from beautiful upstate NY! Notice there's very little NY in the pics but lots of NY farm-grown goodies! (I didn't eat them, I swear.)

This is an up-close shot of the little jars in the first pic. We also sampled some apple-cranberry butter. SO DELICIOUS. Did not buy any because it would have been gone in seconds.

The pumpkins at this place (not pictured) were such a vivid orange. I wished I were five again and at home with my parents carving one up! Alas, the pumpkins only held my eye for a second.

Then I saw these tables:

Luckily for me I was able to stumble, in a dazed and nearly drugged state, out of the baking section and into the produce section. I soothed myself with these red beauties (honey crisp, South Beach Steve!)

The only drawback to buying a bunch of these apples was that I ended up eating them slathered with peanut butter back at our friend's cabin. Apples and peanut butter is a treat I recall fondly from childhood - one I forgo now because I can't stop eating peanut butter, or almond butter, or any kind of nut butter (or nuts for that matter).

Yeah..I ate so much of the Skippy peanut butter at my friend's house that -- along with the cheese -- we had to buy her a new jar. Oh boy.

Don't forget to swing back in a few days -- I'll be posting some pics over the weekend of the fabulous outdoor art installation we visited. Plus, another look at our steep but short hike up to Kaaterskill Falls. Stay tuned!


  1. Great pics! Looks nice over there!

    Can totally relate to unscheduled snacking - I'm being shocking at the moment and can't get back into my groove. But! I must because I know where the other path leads (hello Blubber City). Actually going to put the peanut butter jar I've been dipping into down at this point and try and put words into action....

    Good luck comrade


  2. Aren't those Honeycrisp Apples awesome! Mmmm! Have you tried natural peanut butter? If not, the next time you venture out and eat some peanut butter you should check it out.