Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Damn Crackberry

Had some lovely little shots of my walk in the park yesterday en route to the nutritionist to share with you all (or y'all, if you prefer), but the damn BBerry has decided not to cooperate.

I synched it with my laptop at home this morning, preparing to download the pics I took with it, and now the darn thing won't power up correctly. It's stuck with the eternal hourglass figure going round and round and round.

Vile machine. More later.


  1. Oh, why have I been missing your posts? I am so sorry to have not seen them for a while. This seems to happen with me and Blogger feeds. Grrr.

    And, oh man, 70lbs as of today - fantastic progress!

    Yeah, all spinning classes should have such great odds eh, LOL - some of them were cute too and I think I did detect a bit of flirtage going on - oo-err!

    Seeing hunky physio next week as ankle still sore post-runs. The excuse to be in his very capable hands is almost worth the pain, lol!

    Anyway, well done on doing so well, your workouts are great and I love your attitude!

  2. PS: Right, I "un-followed" and "re-followed" your blog, lets see if that does the trick. Pesky Blogger!

  3. 70 pounds! You're a monster!

  4. Ah yes, the technology issue. Going through that myself!