Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Is Nuts

We're supposed to be grateful for gifts on Christmas, but I must be honest and say that I'd like to give the two people who sent over HUGE plates of cookies last week a punch in the nose.

It's been really hard to not lose my sense of perspective completely around here recently, because it is one party after another, and the free treats keep rollin' in. We had one huge lunch last week, and I managed to (just barely) hold myself back from demolishing the dessert. I ate a third.
As God is my witness, I will never gift anybody food for Christmas again. I know people just want to be caring and generous, but really...do they really think most officer workers need this sort of a treat? It. Does. Not. Help. Anyone!

Until recently, thank goodness, it's been warm enough to bike. See the rack below at Union Sq.
While on my bike I had to stop for a shot of Lincoln Center, all done up in Christmas lights.

And one of Columbus Circle, which is gorgeous! The good news is, these lights make me feel like walking around, so even when I don't bike or hit the gym, I've still be strolling as much as the neuroma will allow. Not that it's been enough to offset the crazy Christmas food damage!
Now that Christmas is in the air, weird Santa Claus types pop up everywhere. Behold this one on the subway last weekend.
Before I sign off for the holidays (rushing to visit the rellies later this week, gone for several days), I share with you this video of a steel drummer in the subway. You can't really tell from this grainy video, but he got the most amazing sounds out of his drum. He's playing Christmas songs and they sounded fantastic in person! I got a quick snippet and then stopped, but the video picks back up again. It's long, for those who really really love carols!

Happy Hannukah, and Merry Christmas!!!!


  1. Ahhhh, I miss New York, or really anywhere interesting with things to do and see...except the back of the car in front on you during rush hour, or if I'm lucky a glance at a highway-side billboard while I'm parked in traffic. Ugh. Have a blast, best wishes for your holiday!!

  2. I am not a celebrater (made my own word) so don't go to lunches or parties. I received a few gifts (people don't care that I don't celebrate), but I gave them to desk visitors.

    Love the steel pan music...sounds fabulous!!!

    Have a lovely holiday!!!

  3. Happy Holiday season Ish. (finally catching up on my blog reading). LOVE your NYC photos. I really hope to get there again someday soon. Hope 2012 brings you NOTHING but health, happiness and anything else you wish for.

  4. Happy New Year and all the best for 2012!

  5. Ugh, I gained 2 lbs over Christmas :(